GoldieBlox Bash! My pink aisle disruption.

The GoldieBlox products in this post and giveaway (see below) were supplied by the brand to facilitate our GoldieBlox Bash – but ALL opinions, praise, & excitement all all my own!

GoldieBlox Bash!  My pink aisle disruption. | @mamamissblog #STEM #girlengineers #LookatGoldie #GoldieBlox


Well, kinda-sorta – in a well, planned amazing STEM-filled way ;)

Girls love their dolls (V has a TON of them – I just kissed the boo-boo’d knee of one just last night), they love their kitchens, they love their PINK!  This is not breaking news.  But what happens when you introduce a group of little girls, all different ages, to a non-pink product, a typical “non-girl” building product?!  AH-mazing things, that’s what!!

GoldieBlox Bash!  My pink aisle disruption. | @mamamissblog #STEM #girlengineers #LookatGoldie #GoldieBlox

GoldieBlox is one of those products, one of those genius products created by a woman, a woman on a mission to engage little girls in typical boy ways – with STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) activities.  The best way to engage a little girl (at least my little girl who LOVES her books) is through reading.  Now create a story, and build along with the story, engaging the little girl in a STEM activity associated with the reading – man, now that is the magic potion!!!  That’s GoldieBlox!

GoldieBlox Bash!  My pink aisle disruption. | @mamamissblog #STEM #girlengineers #LookatGoldie #GoldieBlox

A couple of weeks ago I got to host a really fun event – a GoldieBlox Bash!  We had nine little girls ranging in age from 4-9 attending our event.  The purpose of the GoldieBlox bash was to gauge the interaction with the product.  Well, I felt my purpose to be more – engage these nine little girls with GoldieBlox in many different ways!

I started off the bash with a bucket for each girl, all with the exact amount of pieces it would take to build the float from the book we were reading, GoldieBlox and The Parade Float.  I read the book, the girls built – the older girls fast forwarded to parts not even read yet, excited for the next step, the younger girls needed a little help along the way & then got the hang of it.

GoldieBlox Bash!  My pink aisle disruption. | @mamamissblog #STEM #girlengineers #LookatGoldie #GoldieBlox

GoldieBlox Bash!  My pink aisle disruption. | @mamamissblog #STEM #girlengineers #LookatGoldie #GoldieBlox

GoldieBlox Bash!  My pink aisle disruption. | @mamamissblog #STEM #girlengineers #LookatGoldie #GoldieBlox

GoldieBlox Bash!  My pink aisle disruption. | @mamamissblog #STEM #girlengineers #LookatGoldie #GoldieBlox

Once they built their floats, we brought out the ramp for the girls to race their floats!  From the excitement of the cardboard ramp – that was their favorite – racing THEIR creations down the ramp, helping each other, crashing their floats, building them back up again – and so on, and so on.

From the girls…

“awesome” – C

“so cool” – E

“eeeeek” – V

“let’s move the ramp up higher and see what happens!” – C

GoldieBlox Bash!  My pink aisle disruption. | @mamamissblog #STEM #girlengineers #LookatGoldie #GoldieBlox

After the float racing commenced, I suggested taking them all apart & putting the pieces in the middle “to play”.  Well something incredible happened next – they built, and built, and built, ALL TOGETHER, as a team!  There was no instruction from me, or the moms, telling them to do so, they did this all on their own – working together.  Most were strangers, but all were girls, girls eager to build, eager to create – and that’s what they did!!  They created this huge contraption, I do believe utilizing almost all the pieces!!  It was amazing – the moms kept saying that was their favorite part too, the girls building TOGETHER, all on their own.

From the moms…

“I can’t believe they built that together while we were talking – that’s awesome” – Julie

“that’s amazing” – Priyanka

“look – look at all of them – they are all over their together – building together” – Melissa

“our next girl engineers busy building” – Patricia

“love that this toy promotes engineering” – Linda

GoldieBlox Bash!  My pink aisle disruption. | @mamamissblog #STEM #girlengineers #LookatGoldie #GoldieBlox

GoldieBlox Bash!  My pink aisle disruption. | @mamamissblog #STEM #girlengineers #LookatGoldie #GoldieBlox

After all that work play – the girls (and parents) indulged in some cupcakes (of course there were cupcakes –  any excuse for cupcakes I say :), and some take home STEM favors.

GoldieBlox Bash!  My pink aisle disruption. | @mamamissblog #STEM #girlengineers #LookatGoldie #GoldieBlox

GoldieBlox Bash!  My pink aisle disruption. | @mamamissblog #STEM #girlengineers #LookatGoldie #GoldieBlox

Let’s be honest here – I was a HUGE fan of GoldieBlox, even before our GoldieBlox Bash.  I was an early follower, all the way back from their Kickstarter campaign.

Have a look…

They have been on my wish list for V, for forever, but we had not used them prior to receiving our box for the bash in the mail.  They were on her wish list, but the pink always pushed it back in the gift giving, until now!

If you’ve followed along with me, and my blog for a while, you already know that I only write about, apply for, or accept campaigns that I stand behind, that fit me, that fit my blog – you can always expect that from me.  This is one of those products, one of those products that I would be writing about even if I wasn’t given the means to facilitate it.  It is that awesome.  Anything that engages in a STEM activity for either of my children is beyond a doubt – a “yes” in my book!!

So, how stoked was I when I got chosen for this campaign?!  (pretty stoked!!)

And how stoked am I to be offering you guys a chance to get a GoldieBlox of your own?!  (even more beyond stoked!!)


Enter to win a prize pack that contains TWO GoldieBlox products, the Dunk Tank, and the Parade Float!

GoldieBlox Bash!  My pink aisle disruption. | @mamamissblog #STEM #girlengineers #LookatGoldie #GoldieBlox



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  1. rochelle johnson says:

    we love reading, gardening, and arts and crafts.

  2. My little ones are my students. I love to help them to see the amazing world around them. We LOVE to play with blocks and use them throughout the year to build bridges, boats, zoos, etc. I have never seen nor heard of GoldieBlox before today, but I would love to have a set of GoldieBlox for my kiddos!

  3. Maker-space type projects. Electronics, 3D printing… Love EXPOSING little ones to their potential instead of the limitations adults often set for them.

  4. I love making puzzles with my kids

  5. We like to read together and play dress up.

  6. Love inspiring creativity rather than just promoting “cooking and cleaning” (which is a real pink aisle at toys r us!)

  7. SO inspirational. I can’t wait to try Goldie Blox with my daughter and watch her amazing little mind work in new ways. Thanks!

  8. I love doing anything creative with my girls. We love to cook, create art, do puzzles, pottery. I love teaching them new things and really just anything that involves spending time with them.

  9. These look so awesome! My daughter is a little tinkerer and loves things she can put together (and take apart)!

  10. I like experiencing new activities and places with my son – going places we have never been before or doing things that I have always wanted to do but my parents never did. Mostly physical things like skiing, ice skating, etc.

  11. I love creating with these with my 4 year old granddaughter and can’t wait do build with her baby sister as well. Anything creative that engages them and makes them think is great in my books.

  12. We love making crafts

  13. We love to build!

  14. AMAZING! I have always loved these! I would love to give a set to my niece for Christmas!

  15. We still love legos, looking forward to trying Goldie Blox

  16. Love that the girls get more than pink and dolls now! Wish we had more of this when I was growing up…but excited for my little girl!

  17. Absolutely love seeing the engagement in such a creative building activity. Awesome!

  18. It’s already been decided that my niece will be attending Georgia Tech and will be an engineer :) I am eagerly awaiting her turning three so I can get her GoldieBox toys!

  19. This was such a fun experience! I seriously hope we win the Goldie Blox! haha! I could not believe how much they encouraged collaboration amongst the girls at the party! Thanks for hosting!

  20. I have been following this toy since I first heard about it! It looks just amazing! Your post and pictures make me want it even more :)

  21. I have been following Goldieblox from the beginning also, my girls would LOVE Them! Looks like your bash was so much fun!

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