Pinkalicious Instant Froyo Cones

Instant Froyo Cones! You’ll never guess how simple these are to make. The secret to a perfect healthy treat is easier than you think! Just add sprinkles.

Simple Treat Hack: Pie On A Stick

PIE ON A STICK – any simple treat that we can bring outside and get messes on nature’s floor & not my kitchen floor is a win-win in my book!

craft, activity, and snack: Sheep Trick or Treat

Join us for a themed craft, activity, and snack to along with Sheep Trick or Treat, by Nancy Shaw – our Halloween book pick for Halloween Read & Play!

learning monkeys: Numbered Fruit Flash Cards

These free printable Numbered Fruit Flash Cards are a great way to practice counting (and visual recognition) with your little one!

party: Rio 2 DIY Costume and Popcorn Bar

With the new Rio 2 DVD & some Pop Secret popcorn you can create this DIY “Blu” Macaw Costume & Popcorn Bar for your own fab family movie night experience!

summer fun: Backyard Summer Camp

Backyard Summer Camp, an amazing resource for you to run your own Summer Camp – right in your own backyard!!  Hours and hours of fun and learning!

celebration: Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

Create your own festive backyard Ice Cream Sandwich Bar for those little ones in your life.  Because life is messy, embrace the messy, with ICE CREAM!

learning monkeys: Candy Chromatography

Try some super simple candy chromatography with some candy and a coffee filter – watch the cool effect as the colors from the candy dissolve into the paper.

little picasso: Starburst Candy Mosaic

Fun with candy and art – create this simple Starburst Candy Mosaic with this free printable and a bag of Starburst’s

learning monkeys: Jellybean Math

Loads of Halloween candy?  Try jellybean math – a super fun, engaging, AND YUMMY way to learn (without them even knowing they’re doing math!).

google plus debut – Easy And Simple Bento

You can find Mama Miss on You Tube now, from my G+ debut, sharing this easy and simple bento.  Included is also a list of essentials to create it!

play and eat: Bread And Cutters

Sometimes it’s the simple things.  A piece of bread & some cookie cutters make for one happy little boy.

roundup: {Dr. Seuss inspired} activity & treats

Preparing to celebrate for Dr. Seuss’s birthday?  Here’s a quick roundup of some fun & quick treats for your tummy and a free printable activity too!

fun eats: {Dr. Seuss Inspired} Lorax Mustache & Truffula Tree

I’m not done with Dr. Seuss just yet ;) To celebrate his birthday for Saturday, we made these quick little treats – they were so fun, so quick, and so easy

fun eats: {Dr. Seuss Inspired} Green Eggs & Ham Treat

These tasty sweets are a fun treat to enjoy while reading the book Green Eggs & Ham with your little one.  And, wrapped up in a pretty treat bag – they would be a perfect favor for a Dr. Seuss themed party.

fun eats: Jello Apple Chips

These dried apple chips only require two ingredients – apples & Jello, and are easily baked in the oven.

play and eat: Dry Erase Printable Placemats

As much as little ones like to eat, they like to help in the kitchen too.  These printable placemats will help them with their chores while having fun!

edible fun: Octopus

While doing our weekly grocery trip, my eyes ventured over to the pasta.  Now, so that you can take a little gander into the way I think, I was not peering at the pasta contemplating dinner ideas, no, no, no.  That is not how my mind works; I am constantly thinking sensory bins or crafts […]

edible fun: The Beach

I thought we’d continue with my little mama♥miss beach themed week. Here’s a fun little meal I made for V that’s all about the beach! There is sand, there is sun, there are sea shells, there are palm trees (it’s a tropical beach!), and there are little fishies! Well, let’s see…this little meal includes: avocados […]

play & eat: butterfly

One might say I have an obsession with making butterflies.  Well, they are easy & well…EASY ;) 1. lunch butterfly cheese quesadillas, blackberries, cucumbers, fruit leather, cherry tomatoes, twizzler rope 2. lunch butterfly bananas, peanut butter, carrots, kiwi, star fruit, mini chocolate chips, cheese sticks, yellow tomatoes 3. breakfast butterfly blueberry pancake, tangerines, banana 4. […]

play & eat: mouse

What is a Mouse?   Well, according to the dictionary it is a small rodent that typically has a pointed snout, relatively large ears and eyes, and a long tail.  So, I thought, why not incorporate these small rodents into food – eh?  Fun with food – YAY!!  Well, according to mama♥miss a mouse is a […]

genius mama moment: Paint Palette Cupcake Station

This Paint Palette Cupcake Station is the perfect creation station for your little cupcake artist!

edible fun: Turtle

T is for Turtle.  An easy to make, letter learning, & fun meal for the kiddos.