quote love: Benjamin Franklin quote

Benjamin Franklin quote | @mamamissblog #education #STEM #freeprintable #quotelove

An amazing free printable Benjamin Franklin quote to start off your Monday + 7 giveaways for the all new Mama Miss teacher planner!!!

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all new: Teacher Planner!

Teacher Planner | by Mama Miss Designs® @mamamissblog #classroom #organization #school

Pretty up your classroom organization with the ultimate Teacher Planner! Dive into this custom planner and design your layout for your classroom!

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learning monkeys: Grow Crystals In A Jar {guest ..

How to Grow Crystals in a Jar | @Playdough2Plato on @mamamissblog #kidscience #preschoolscience

Malia from Playdough to Plato is here today, showing us how to Grow Crystals in a Jar, for this fun kid science experiment!

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sweets: Blueberry Biscoff Custard Muffins

Blueberry Biscoff Custard Muffins | @mamamissblog #brunch #breakfast #muffinlove

Chocked full of blueberries, these Blueberry Biscoff Custard Muffins are so incredibly yummy & the perfect sweet treat!

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learning monkeys: Fruit Match Up Games

Fruit Match Up Games | @mamamissblog #freeprintable #homeschool #counting #preschool

These three, free printable Fruit Match Up Games are a great way to practice visual recognition and memorization with your little one!

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learning monkeys: Numbered Fruit Flash Cards

Numbered Fruit Flash Cards | @mamamissblog #freeprintable #homeschool #counting #preschool

These free printable Numbered Fruit Flash Cards are a great way to practice counting (and visual recognition) with your little one!

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party: Rio 2 DIY Costume and Popcorn Bar

Rio 2 DIY Costume & Popcorn Bar | @mamamissblog #Rio2 #birdcostume #PopForRio2 #familymovienight #macaw

With the new Rio 2 DVD & some Pop Secret popcorn you can create this DIY “Blu” Macaw Costume & Popcorn Bar for your own fab family movie night experience!

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eats: Roasted Tomato-Basil Pizza

Roasted Tomato-Basil Pizza | @mamamissblog #pizza #dinnerdone #homemade

With a fresh homemade base, made with roasted tomatoes, this pizza is the definition of yummy & sets it apart from your typical Roasted Tomato-Basil Pizza.

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kiddo: Everyday Fine Motor – Buttons

Everyday Fine Motor Materials - Buttons | @mamamissblog #finemotor #buttons #playmatters

Sharing some creative ways that will engage your child with open-ended play, with two activities using buttons, an Everyday Fine Motor Material.

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Ultimate Backyard Summer Camp – Summer Dis..

Ultimate Backyard Summer Camp - Summer Discount! | @mamamissblog #summercamp #imbored #backyardfun

Designed by six teaching mama’s (so it’s fun & educational), to keep your 3-8 yr-olds busy, all summer long, with their very own Backyard Summer Camp!

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2014-2015 MID YEAR Blogger Planner, Calendar, an..

2014-2015 MID YEAR Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #bloggertools #organize #midyearplanner

It’s here – your 2014-15 MID YEAR Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner. Some fab updates & 5 new pages added – get yours now for an exclusive price!

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sweets: Lemon Blueberry Shortbread Semifreddo

Lemon Blueberry Shortbread Semifreddo | @mamamissblog #semifreddo #icecream #summertreat #froyo

Lemon Blueberry Shortbread Semifreddo – a fancy sounding frozen treat that is amazingly simple to make with just a few ingredients!

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kid activities: 40 Best Pretend Play Activities

40 Best Pretend Play Activities | @mamamissblog #hopforhope #pretendplayforkids #dressupforkids

Pretend Play is an integral part of early childhood, and easy to put together for an afternoon of play. Here are 40 Pretend Play Activities to inspire you!

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kid activities: 30 Best Star Gazing Activities a..

30 Best Star Gazing Activities | @mamamissblog #starrynight #constellation #diy

With summer almost here, what a perfect time for some star gazing. Check out these 30 Best Star Gazing Activities and Books!

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backyard summer camp: Starry Night Sky Painting

Starry Night Sky Painting | @mamamissblog #BackyardSummerCamp #adventure #learning #fun

Starry Night Sky Painting art activity – a kiddo masterpiece from the Backyard Summer Camp eBook.

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sweets: Cookie Dough Yogurt

Cookie Dough Yogurt | @mamamissblog #cookiedough #sweettreats #healthysnack

A yummy, healthier, cookie dough option to fill that cookie dough craving endlessly – a Cookie Dough Yogurt.

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design: Mid-Year Calendar and Blogger Planner

Mid-Year Calendar & Blogger Planner COMING SOON | @mamamissblog #bloggerplanner #seo #calendar

Along with two other planners, the Mama Miss Mid-Year Calendar & Blogger Planner, July 2014 – June 2015, will be released soon – here’s the details!

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101 Kids Activities

101 Kids Activities | @mamamissblog #kidsactivitiesblog #kidfun #kidcrafts #kiddiy

101 Kids Activities has exciting activities to keep your children laughing and learning for the whole day, every day.

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art and learning: Piet Mondrian LEGO art

Piet Mondrian LEGO art | @mamamissblog #LEGO #DUPLO #modernartforkids #freeprintable

Introduce fine art to your kids in a fun way – with these inventive Piet Mondrian LEGO art printable cards. Teach through play – the best way to learn!

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eats: Steak Club Sandwich With Creamy Herb Sprea..

Steak Club Sandwich | @mamamissblog #steak #sandwichlove #dinnertonight

A delicious and delectable Steak Club Sandwich that is quick to make for a easy weeknight meal. Serve with some thin, crispy potato chips.

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fun eats: Homemade Applesauce and ReSqueeze

Homemade Applesauce | @mamamissblog @ReSqueeze #natural #homemade #sugarfree #apples

An ultra simple, homemade applesauce recipe – without all the processed sugars (fresh apples have natural sugars – you don’t need to add more – trust me!).

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quote art: Try To Be A Rainbow – Maya Ange..

quote art: Try To Be A Rainbow | @mamamissblog #freeprintable #MayaAngelou #quotelove

Quotes inspire us, encourage us, motivate us – and to honor a great woman today, here’s a new design, a loved quote by Maya Angelou, ready to be hung.

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fathers day: My Dad – A Fathers Day Questi..

Fathers Day Questionnaire | @mamamissblog #fathersday #allaboutdad #freeprintable #mydad

A quick little Fathers Day Questionnaire for your little ones to fill out about their dad. Be ready for some giggles! Just add a frame for an easy gift.

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kid diy: Summer Bucket List – Badges

Summer Bucket List - Badges | @mamamissblog #bucketlist #meritbadges #summer

A list of things to accomplish this summer – a summer bucket list – in a fun wearable way – WITH MERIT BADGES!

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Ultimate Baby Book

Ultimate Baby Book | @mamamissblog #babybook #planner #babysfirsts

The Ultimate Baby Book is complete with everything you need to record the important moments of baby’s first year – in an easy to create digital download!

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book and craft: Peach Blossom Necklace

Peach Blossom Necklace | @mamamissblog #peachblossom #diy #‎bookingusa‬ #bookandcraft

Follow along with us for a book & craft – we’ll read Travels with Charlie and create a lovely Peach Blossom Necklace to represent our state.

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celebration: two year BLOGIVERSARY

BLOGIVERSARY | @mamamissblog #giveaway #blogiversary #amazon #google

Join me in celebrating my blogiversary with an amazing giveaway!

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be happy in the moment. this is your story.

be happy in the moment. this is your story. | @mamamissblog #mothersday #happiness

It’s all about your viewpoint, changing your expectations, being at peace, and changing what is important – this is your story.

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party in a jar: Dino Terrarium Jars

Dino Terrarium Jars | @mamamissblog #PartyInAJar #dinoparty #kidparty #masonjarcrafts

Party In A Jar is brimming full of kid-friendly jar projects for every occasion, including the tutorial to make these super cool Dino Terrarium Jars.

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summer fun: Backyard Summer Camp

Backyard Summer Camp eBook | @mamamissblog #summercamp #adventure #camp

Backyard Summer Camp, an amazing resource for you to run your own Summer Camp – right in your own backyard!!  Hours and hours of fun and learning!

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