genius mama moment: Paint Palette Cupcake Station

Every so often I have these bright ideas; let’s call them “genius mama moments”.

CUPCAKE DECORATING STATION | @mamamissblog #diy #cupcake #geniusidea #kidparty

They are called genius mama moments because, as I am sure you can all attest to, these moments, well they are quite rare – post kids ;) Something about the kiddos eating up your brain…for example…I may or may not remember to put deodorant on (apologizing ahead of time!)…but I sure could sing you the theme song to the Wonderpets…you know, you have priorities – HA!

These great ideas usually come to me of all places in the shower…hmmm, wait…this is all starting to make sense now…my only time ALONE is when bright ideas happen…sounds like the answer may be to take more showers every day ;) Well, my genius mama moments seem to be more frequent these days. Maybe it’s because of this blog & the ability to exit this information onto paper and leave my over-filled brain that it allows more room for this…hmmm!

CUPCAKE DECORATING STATION | @mamamissblog #diy #cupcake #geniusidea #kidparty

Sooooo, what do you think this is the perfect thing for?!

Other than an artist’s paint palette?!

Give up?!  Intrigued?!

Why, a cupcake decorating station for little Miss V, OF COURSE!!!

Here is what you’ll need to make this fab idea for you next birthday party, or cupcake party, or simply because – because why not add some simple fun to the day!!

  • a cupcake
  • some assorted toppings (I’ve listed below the ones that I used :)

Rainbow Nerds

Chocolate Jimmies

Rainbow Nonpareils

Confetti Sprinkles

Snowflake Sprinkles

M&M Candy

Assorted Sixlets


CUPCAKE DECORATING STATION | @mamamissblog #diy #cupcake #geniusidea #kidparty

CUPCAKE DECORATING STATION | @mamamissblog #diy #cupcake #geniusidea #kidparty

CUPCAKE DECORATING STATION | @mamamissblog #diy #cupcake #geniusidea #kidparty

CUPCAKE DECORATING STATION | @mamamissblog #diy #cupcake #geniusidea #kidparty 

Like what you see?!

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  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing it at the All Star Block Party!

  2. Genius! I’m stealing this idea!!! ;)

  3. Thanks again for posting this on Saturday Show and Tell. This activity would also fit into my summer activities list for Toddlers ( Check it out and feel free to post any other activities that would fit. I love your creativity.

  4. Great idea. I love repurposing items, and I know my boys would love making the cupcakes using this. Thank you for sharing this on Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you’ll be back this week.

  5. Yum! That looks good. I’d love it if you would consider sharing it with our Summer Recipes linky party. We’re two blogs sharing one combined linky party for double exposure.


  6. What a cute idea. I love having my kids help decorate with me, and this just keeps everything so neat and organized. Jodi @

  7. I really love this. Can we do this next time we come? I really want to make one.
    Love, Mom


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