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Three-Letter-Lacing Busy Bag | Mama Miss #freeprintable #busybag #quiettime #letters


One of the things I enjoy doing with my kiddos is incorporating learning into a fun activity.  And if that activity can be incorporated into a busy bag – well, I love it even more!  This activity for the Pre-K level concentrates on visual motor skills, hand-eye coordination, letter recognition, word identification, as well as picture-word matching.


  • 1 pipe cleaner, cut in half
  • Wood Alphabet Beads, with at least a 1/8 inch opening
  • free printable
  • scissors
  • plastic baggie
  • laminator & 1 laminating sheet


  • Print out & laminate the free printable.
  • After it is laminated, cut the sheet into 10 word flashcards.
  • Using one half of the pipe cleaner, have the kiddos thread the matching letters, building the word for each card.


For their small hands, when they are using a pipe cleaner versus string, it provides a firmer base to thread the beads onto without the beads turning.  This is especially important for easier recognition of each letter to build the word.  This is a great busy bag activity to keep in your purse for restaurants.  It’s one of the more frequently requested busy bags :)


Three-Letter-Lacing Busy Bag | Mama Miss #freeprintable #busybag #quiettime #letters

Three-Letter-Lacing Busy Bag | Mama Miss #freeprintable #busybag #quiettime #letters

Three-Letter-Lacing Busy Bag | Mama Miss #freeprintable #busybag #quiettime #letters


And here is the free printable (click on the button for a printable PDF file):


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  1. Shannon Nevin says:

    Awesome ideas, thanks for sharing! I don’t home school, but with NY’s “common core” it’s forcing me to be a “homeschooler” and do a majority of the teaching. I have 3 boys (oldest is 5, and twin’s are 3.)

    They love to be busy and are easily bored. I know this will keep their attention!

    • Awesome Shannon!!! Love it :) I think that’s my biggest fear – and the reason I am currently homeschooling. I was lost in the school system (and things weren’t even as bad then) – I fear that my little ones will get lost & not get the education I want for them – it’s all about supplementation – whether you homeschool or not – busy bags are excellent for that!! :) xx

  2. Hi! Just curious how many beads you’d suggest to put in each busy bag? I dont want all these beads in one since i know they will probably spill at some point. Do you think i could make 2 or 3 with one bag of alphabet beads? Love your idea! Thank you.

    • Hi Allison!! When I did it with V I made sure I had a letter for each one representing in the group, not doubles, just that every letter is accounted for :) Yes – totally the bag of beads (depending on the mixture of letters) would probably get you 4-5 bags I would guess. Hope that helps!! xx

  3. any way you will tell me how you made your lettering so I can make more to match?

  4. Cool – I will have to think of three letter words.

    I finally got use of a computer. Steve at work still has mine – transferring all my files!

  5. These are awesome! :) We love busy bags at our house! We have done busy bag swaps a few times on my blog as well :) Love this! ;)


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