celebration: Arts-N-Crafts Birthday Activities

Yesterday I shared with you how V started off her third birthday – with a balloon spectacular!  Today, I am sharing with you all the activities we did at little miss V’s birthday party.

Her birthday theme was Arts-N-Crafts.  I knew a while ago, because she enjoys doing crafts, painting, & coloring, that this would be the theme I was running with.  And with such a broad description, it was very easy to create activities that went along with it.  This was especially true for someone like me who waits until a couple of days before to start planning!

I set up three art stations for the kiddos (& adults too!) for arts-n-crafts, so that there was always something to do, & there were no kiddos waiting to do a project.  We had 10 little ones at her party – so my goal was to keep them BUSY!

So, here we go!  Are you ready?  Just click on each art station picture to be brought to the individual tutorial :)

One of V’s favorite activities, that we have done many times over is the pipe cleaner beaded bracelets with pasta & beads (so this one was an obvious & easy choice).

Station # 2 was something new & my all time favorite from the party!

So fun, that I may have to whip this out for Thanksgiving or Christmas pre-dinner fun!

We made paper plate portraits :)

The third art station, was a little messier than the other two, but it was the kiddos’ FAVORITE one!

We made cornstarch spray paint & let the kiddos spray away releasing their inner Jackson Pollock.

Well, that is it for the activity part of little miss V’s third birthday party – whew!

Food is next – YAY!

I think we had a good selection of activities overall, despite my poor planning.

What would you add to the mix for an Arts-N-Crafts themed birthday party?

xx m

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  1. Holey smokes – what fun! Happy Birthday Miss V. – it looks like you had a wonderful party. I love the paper plate portraits – it’s kind of creepy! lol

    • heehe Renee…I KNOW…when they were all on the wall it felt like an episode of Criminal Minds…they are borderline creepy but super funny at the same time!! Thanks for stopping by & the comment love!

      xx ♥ m


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