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Let's Play Doctor Pretend Play + Color Stamping Cards | Mama Miss #freeprintable #colors #pretendplay #doctor


We LOVE pretend play! And currently V is obsessed, I mean OBSESSED with Band-Aids.  So much so, we must go through a box, a week (umm that’s where dollar store Band-Aids come in handy!).  One would think that she is greatly injured if you saw all her Band-Aids covering her legs & arms, but nope.  She looks super close at her legs & arms and if she sees a speck, just a speck (probably dirt) (maybe a freckle), you know a super small mark (hey could be marker too!), she makes me kiss her boo-boo & proceeds to raid the Band-Aid supply.  And somehow these Band-Aids mysteriously come off all day, because instead of picking up the typical dirty laundry around the house, I’m picking up discarded Band-Aids lol!

So, when you see V, before you can even say “hello” she will point out all her boo-boos and her Band-Aids that are fixing those said boo-boos.  She will tell you she wants to be a doctor when she grows up so she can fix boo-boos :)  Maybe she can support us when we’re old & gray (and fix our boo-boos) ;)

So, funny story, I originally made the “patient” the standard picture of a female – you know the one that is usually associated with the bathroom sign.  Well, hubs did not approve, he said it should look like a real person not a bathroom sign :)  I agreed with his bathroom sign girl assessment & pulled out the old sketchpad and came up with the quirky crazy hair patient you see.  Her hair is all crazy because she has been in a hospital bed forever (aka all the boo-boos), and that’s just the way my croquis look – all wild haired & quirky (maybe I should have added a comb too) ;)

Included in this pretend play doctor package:

A five-page printable, with:

  • A wild-haired boo-boo’d patient
  • Six color Band-Aids to fix the patient’s boo-boos
  • A prescription pad with directions on how to apply the Band-Aids
  • Seven color cards

Development in this pretend play doctor package:

  • Scissor skills
  • Color recognition
  • Basic anatomy recognition
  • Stamping (fine motor skills)
  • Spelling
  • Uppercase & lowercase letter recognition
  • Kindness/Caring
  • Communication
  • Following Directions

Directions for this pretend play doctor package:

  • Print out all five pages below.  Optional, laminate them for sturdier usage.
  • Have child cut out the prescription pad & six Band-Aids.
  • By reading aloud to child, have child follow directions on prescription pad to apply the Band-Aids to the patient, fixing her boo-boos.
  • Next, grab the color cards (optional: have child cut them out along dotted lines for more cutting practice).
  • By reading aloud the color for each card, have the child color in the top box with that color.
  • Next, using letter stamps & and an ink-pad have child stamp the matching letters using both uppercase and lowercase letters (we LOVE this from Melissa & Doug which we have & used for this and the squares fit them perfectly).
  • Optional: Instead of stamps have child write the corresponding letter in the box.


Let's Play Doctor Pretend Play + Color Stamping Cards | Mama Miss #freeprintable #colors #pretendplay #doctor


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  1. Genius idea. My 22 month old will love this since he likes playing doctor. Thanks so much sharing.
    GREAT site.

  2. I just came across your website after finding a Pin and am totally in love!! THANK YOU for being you and for these fun printables. I can’t wait to use these with my two little ones.

  3. Love this! Thank you for sharing.


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