fancy fun: Fabric and Paper Bracelet

Fabric & Paper Bracelet | Mama Miss #straws #fabricjewelry #kidcrafts


So, this fun little bracelet just popped into my head :)  As I was organizing our kitchen cabinet with all the fun kitchen essentials, thinking I wanted to do another kiddo craft with V soon, I came upon my collection of paper straws.  And then I thought of the recent glitter beads we made using plastic straws & wondered if we could do something with paper straws too?!  I thought how fun would it be to thread with fabric instead of string this time & how unique and organic looking it would be for the fabric to be peeking out between the beads.  Well, that’s how my crazy mind works lol!  I dream of fabric & straws :)  I thought red would be fun, so I took some straws down to my sewing room to find coordinating fabric, and voilà, a bracelet was born!  What’s even more cool about this bracelet is it only needs 2 materials (& optional pony beads) to make!  Simple, easy, fun…a perfect kiddo craft!


Fabric & Paper Bracelet | Mama Miss #straws #fabricjewelry #kidcrafts



  • I started by prepping the fabric with small slits using my fabric scissors, so that V could rip it into strips.
  • She had a tough time at first, but once I started it for her it was a little easier about half way down for her to rip.  We ripped the fabric into four strips.
  • V then cut the paper straws into pieces, some large, some small – a little bit of everything.  This was a great fine motor exercise for her because of the thickness of the straws.



  • V then threaded her paper beads onto each fabric strip using the plastic kid needle.
  • There is really no rhyme or reason to this – I went with the flow of where she took me in the process.  She asked for a braid – I gave her a braid :)
  • I then took the four strips of beaded fabric and tied them together – completing one of the ends with a pony bead and a braid.

Fabric & Paper Bracelet | Mama Miss #straws #fabricjewelry #kidcrafts

And there you have it – a simple & fun activity with a beautiful kid-made result!


Fabric & Paper Bracelet | Mama Miss #straws #fabricjewelry #kidcrafts

Fabric & Paper Bracelet | Mama Miss #straws #fabricjewelry #kidcrafts

Fabric & Paper Bracelet | Mama Miss #straws #fabricjewelry #kidcrafts

Fabric & Paper Bracelet | Mama Miss #straws #fabricjewelry #kidcrafts

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  1. They are so colorful. I will have to look for pretty straws.


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