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Jellybean Math | Mama Miss #learningfun #homeschool #preschoolmath #candy #halloween

Yay – Happy Wednesday!!!

Today we are playing (not eating – well, maybe a little ;) – just PLAYING!!!) with candy as part of the 5-day series: Candy Activities for Kids.

So many fun & alternative options for all that Halloween candy your kiddos are about to get!!!

Look at all these awesome bloggers that are part of this 5-day series…


Jellybean Math | Mama Miss #learningfun #homeschool #preschoolmath #candy #halloween


Here’s the line-up (I’ll add the other links as they happen):

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Tuesday – Sensory Play

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Wednesday – Learning

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Jellybean Math

Thursday – Art

Erupting Art

Starburst Sculptures

Candy Pumpkins

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Candy Jewelry

Candy Headbands

Friday – Science

Balloon Experiments with Candy

Exploding Peep Geysers

Candy Chromatography

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Sink or Float Candy Science

Balancing with M&M’s

Dissolving Gobstoppers


Today for “learning with candy”, I created these fun little flashcards (see “print here” icon below) to do our jellybean math with – because WHO DOESN’T like learning with candy!!!


Jellybean Math | Mama Miss #learningfun #homeschool #preschoolmath #candy #halloween


After V finished a math problem she (& little T patiently waiting by the sidelines drooling over the jellybeans) got to pick a jellybean for completing the problem :)  So indeed there was some element of eating candy involved – but hey – I’ll take 10 jellybeans eaten any day over a whole bag being engulfed.  Plus – it involved counting, problem solving, and addition!!  You gotta love preschool math – now I don’t think we can do jellybean math when it comes to high school – haha – but right now this is a super fun, engaging, AND YUMMY way to get some learning in (without them even knowing they are doing math!!!).  Now, to me folks – that’s a fantastic way to learn!

So here’s how it works (it’s pretty self explanatory, but  just in case :)

  • Encourage your child to place the jellybeans in the circles to fill in the blanks to complete the problem.  That’s it!
  • You can optionally reward your child with a jellybean once the problem is completed as well.
  • V had a difficult time with number one (I’m guessing because the one circle remains blank), but after that problem she flew through the rest.
  • The AWESOME things about these cards is that you can print them out (see “print here” icon below), laminate them & then you have them ALL.THE.TIME!  You can use them later with paperclips, or chocolate chips, or coins, or even have your child practice writing their numbers in the circles with a dry erase crayon!  I love the multi-use aspect & I hope you get many uses out of these flashcards I’ve created too!


Jellybean Math | Mama Miss #learningfun #homeschool #preschoolmath #candy #halloween

Jellybean Math | Mama Miss #learningfun #homeschool #preschoolmath #candy #halloween

Jellybean Math | Mama Miss #learningfun #homeschool #preschoolmath #candy #halloween

Jellybean Math | Mama Miss #learningfun #homeschool #preschoolmath #candy #halloween

Jellybean Math | Mama Miss #learningfun #homeschool #preschoolmath #candy #halloween

Jellybean Math | Mama Miss #learningfun #homeschool #preschoolmath #candy #halloween

Jellybean Math | Mama Miss #learningfun #homeschool #preschoolmath #candy #halloween

Jellybean Math | Mama Miss #learningfun #homeschool #preschoolmath #candy #halloween



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  1. What a great incentive for learning math! I just wanted to let you know that I am adding this to my math roundup at Simply Creative Kids if you don’t mind.

  2. This is a great idea. It is a smart way to use candy, but could be fun for snack time with o’s or raisins as well.

  3. Thiis looks like such a blast! Who wouldn’t want to learn with cute little cards and Jelly Bellies involved?! LOVE it!

  4. I love it! The jellybeans look so inviting, and the printable math cards would be great for so many things.


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