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So, who doesn’t like a little Halloween scary-ness?!  Well, V&T – not so much!

So, it’s a non scary Halloween for us – how about you?!

Last year started my hunt for all things non scary for the little ones & then this year I’ve had several folks ask me about non scary Halloween activities too.  So I thought – eh – why not do a roundup?!  So I reached out to all my fellow kid bloggers in the Kid Blogger Network, and…

kiddo halloween: Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Pumpkins | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #pumpkin #kidcrafts #kbn


WOW!  My intention was to provide you a quick little round-up of some non scary Halloween Crafts and Activities – but that soon avalanched into SEVEN pages of links gathered!  Whew – this puppy was a labor of LOVE, lovelies – I hope you enjoy checking all of these out as much as I did!  Although I know all these blogs/bloggers and have seen their magic before, I was still BLOWN AWAY by all of the awesomeness!  So much awesomeness I have to break it down into segments for ya :)

So how is this going to work – well, it’s all organized now so it’s just putting it together at this point & I plan on pumping them out as soon as I finish – SO HANG ON TIGHT!!  It’s about to get Halloweenie up in here!

Today I am presenting you with SIXTY – that’s 60 – pumpkin/jack-o’-lantern kiddo crafts & activities – all that are NOT SCARY!


kiddo halloween: Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Pumpkins | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #pumpkin #kidcrafts #kbn


Paper Plate Pumpkins {Craftulate}

Bead and Pipe Cleaner Pumpkin {Craftulate}

Pumpkin Patch Sight Words {No Twiddle Twaddle}

Pumpkin Stamp Art Toilet Paper Roll Art {Sugar Aunts}

Egg Carton Pumpkins Fall Sensory Bin {Sugar Aunts}

Identifying and Expressing Emotions – Pumpkins {Sugar Aunts}

Pasta Pumpkin Craft {Making Time for Mommy}

Thumbtacked Pumpkins {Simple Fun For Kids}

Build a Jack-o-Lantern {Mom Endeavors}

Pumpkin Ice Painting {Crayon Box Chronicles}

Playing with Mini Pumpkins and Felt {Buggy and Buddy}

Silly Pumpkin Faces  {P is for Preschooler}


kiddo halloween: Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Pumpkins | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #pumpkin #kidcrafts #kbn


Shape Jack-o-Lanterns {Homegrown Friends}

Pumpkin Jack O’ Lantern Chains {Mama Smiles}

Jack O’ Lantern Mask From a Paper Plate {Mama Smiles}

Simple Halloween Craft: Paper Pumpkins {Mama Smiles}

Kool-Aid Pumpkins {Housing a Forest}

Yarn Pumpkins {Housing a Forest}

Halloween Orange Pumpkin Snacks {Red Barn: See Vanessa Craft}

{DIY Tutorial} Felt Pumpkin {See Vanessa Craft}

Felt Pumpkin Shapes Activity {See Vanessa Craft}

Jack-o-Lantern Squish Bag {Fantastic Fun and Learning}

Pumpkin Craft and Name Activity {Fantastic Fun and Learning}

Pumpkin Seed Sorting {Mama Papa Bubba}

kiddo halloween: Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Pumpkins | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #pumpkin #kidcrafts #kbn


Felt Board Jack-O-Lanterns {Mama Papa Bubba}

Water Jug Pumpkins {East Coast Mommy}

Pumpkin Headband {East Coast Mommy}

Tape Resistant Pour Paint Pumpkin Decorating {Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails}

Tape Resist Pumpkin Window Art {Sow Sprout Play}

Scratch Art Pumpkins {Sow Sprout Play}

Edible Pumpkin Pie Play Dough {Sow Sprout Play}

Halloween Lanterns {Red Ted Art}

Jack-o-Lantern Sensory Bin {Stir the Wonder}

Mini Pumpkin Prints Art Project {What Do We Do All Day?}

Pumpkin Suncatcher Jack-O-Lantern Play {Mama Pea Pod}

busy bag: Mix-n-Match Pumpkin Faces {Mama Miss}


kiddo halloween: Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Pumpkins | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #pumpkin #kidcrafts #kbn


Pumpkin Suncatcher {All Done Monkey}

5 Little Pumpkins Song Download and Printables {Tips from a Typical Mom}

Grilled Cheese Pumpkin {I Can Teach My Child}

Jack-O-Lantern Shape Sorter {I Can Teach My Child}

Puffy Pumpkin Lacing {I Can Teach My Child}

“Spooly” Pumpkin {I Can Teach My Child}

3-D Pumpkin Puzzles {I Can Teach My Child}

Coffee Filter ‘Stained Glass’ Pumpkins {I Can Teach My Child}

Rice Krispie Treat (Albino) Pumpkins {I Can Teach My Child}

Pounding Golf Tees into a Pumpkin {I Can Teach My Child}

Bubble Science with Pumpkins {Preschool Powol Packets}

Glitter Pumpkins {Diapers -n- Heels}


kiddo halloween: Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Pumpkins | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #pumpkin #kidcrafts #kbn


Black Glue and Watercolor Pumpkins {Mess For Less}

Pumpkin Seed Mosaic {Green Owl Art}

Halloween Torn Paper Pumpkin {Busy Kids Happy Mom}

Jack-O-Lantern Play: Loose Parts on a Mirror {Happily Ever Mom}

Apple Print Pumpkins {Playful Learners}

Jelly Pumpkins {Playful Learners}

5 Things to Do With Pumpkins {Momma DOO}

Spooky Orange Faces {Danya Banya}

Halloween Night Light Kids Can Make {Kids Activities Blog}

Halloween Play: Jack O’Lantern Collage {Twodaloo}

Pumpkin-cano Sensory Science Activity {Little Bins for Little Hands}

Rainbow Drip Pumpkins {Juggling With Kids}

Stay tuned for some non scary Halloween spiders & bats, ghosts & skeleton, monsters & mummies, and wizardry…

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  1. Hi Melissa! Wow! Yes, this was definitely a labor of love! Amazing round-up, I’d say the best to date! Thank you for all your hard work putting this excellent resource together! :)

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