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Art in the Garden - unique painting with herbs | @mamamissblog #plantaseed #herbs #paintingwithkids

Today I’m over at the Educator’s Spin on it for their Kids In The Garden series, sharing a fun & unique way to paint (that smells pretty good too!) with art in the garden.

You can see my guest post here.

Throughout the whole month of March, Kim & Amanda (the brains behind The Educators Spin On It) will be hosting 31 Days of Kids in the Garden; Learning and Growing, a collection of articles all geared to help parents and teachers interact with their children in the garden.  Fun stuff!!

And then to top it all off  – you can join us on March 31st to plant a seed with your child.  Just use the hashtag #plantaseed to connect on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter during this month long event!

Art in the Garden - unique painting with herbs | @mamamissblog #plantaseed #herbs #paintingwithkids

So head on over & check out all the fun happening over there with learning in the garden.

Here are some of my favorites so far…

And here is my “art in the garden” post again :)

Herb Painting Activity

I’ve even been inspired to create a kids in the garden Pinterest board were I’ve been pinning all of this series from The Educators Spin On It, as well as some other “kids in the garden” inspired posts!

Like what you see?!

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  1. How great is this! Today we are making a Fairy garden ourselves :)

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