backyard summer camp: Starry Night Sky Painting

How about a sneak peek into Backyard Summer Camp…

Starry Night Sky Painting | @mamamissblog #BackyardSummerCamp #adventure #learning #fun

We loved doing this Starry Night Sky Painting art activity – it’s from our Backyard Summer Camp eBook!  It was such a fun process to create this kiddo masterpiece – V&T loved it (you you will too).

Starry Night Sky Painting | @mamamissblog #BackyardSummerCamp #adventure #learning #fun

The Starry Night Sky Painting is part of the Camping Theme chapter by Jen from Mama.Papa.Bubba. that is included in our eBook.  Nothing says summer like staring at the night sky – dreaming of all the things up there – counting the stars – talking about the planets –  ahhhh can you tell?!   I can’t wait to go camping with the kiddos.  Well, since we haven’t embarked on that part of our summer bucket list quite yet – the backyard summer camp – camping theme, really got us in the spirit, so we are all ready when the moment strikes!!

This fab Backyard Summer Camp eBook offers this camping theme along with five other super cool themes; Flowers, Monsters, The Ocean, Oviparous Animals: Animals that Hatch from Eggs, & Outer Space.  As well as, seven hands-on activities for each theme: a craft, science experiment, math activity, book list, art project, outdoor game, & cooking recipe.  Find out more details here.

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Starry Night Sky Painting | @mamamissblog #BackyardSummerCamp #adventure #learning #fun

To make your own Starry Night Sky Painting – check out the Backyard Summer Camp eBook.

Purchase your own copy for just $9.99 here.

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|| Here are a couple of other sneak peeks of activities from the eBook…


Mermaid Necklace – THE OCEAN

Mermaid Necklace – THE OCEAN

Kid Made Camping Lantern – CAMPING

And a review with a fun printable to go along with the OVIPAROUS ANIMALS theme on Kids Yoga Stories!

Purchase your own copy of the Backyard Summer Camp.

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  1. Love this craft and will definitely be trying this with my son. We are always trying to combat boredom!


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