Homeschool Planner 2014-2015

It’s finally HERE!!!

Can you believe it?!  I can’t!  I seriously can’t!

I’m hoping that because these take me FOR-ever to initially create (from scratch) that I’m laying down the groundwork for the templates of the future… & future blogger, teacher, menu, calendar, and homeschool planners – I’ll just need to update the graphics & dates.  But the core will now be there!!  Wahoo!

Homeschool Planner | @mamamissblog #backtoschool #homeschool #organize


This little baby is just as close to me as the blogger planner & I hope I’ve conveyed that into the pages for you!

There are so many options for this planner to mold it into the planner that fits your needs!  I designed 4 different covers – 2 color combos & then 2 date combos (if you wanted to split the calendar into 2, for each year, each semester).  There are 6 different lesson plan layouts, quotes throughout to inspire you, sections to record tests & assignments, typical calendar stuff, a daily docket – lots of colorful pages to keep you motivated through out.

For this 2014/2015 homeschool planner, it can go one of three ways to get bound…

// Disc Binding (recommended split into 2014/2015 Semesters for 1-2 children) (recommended split by child for 2+ children)

// Comb Binding (recommended split into 2014/2015 Semesters for 1-2 children) (recommended split by child for 2+ children)

Bring it to your local office supply store & have them bind it for you – you’ll just need to print it out yourself (or have them print it for you – just bring this print release) & grab 2 packs of Clear Label Dividers, White, 5-Tab Set to separate the months.

// 3 Ring Binder (recommended for 1+ child)  (ps, I found this super cool flexible binder in my quest to put this together that may be a great alternative to the clunky 3-ring).


Create the 2014/2015 Homeschool Planner!

How you design it is up to you – that’s the beauty of it – it’s totally customizable!

// tips

// includes

So what will you get with your Homeschool Planner purchase?

>> Instructions on how I put my homeschool planner together

>> 78 original pages (a whopping 183 pages if put together completely for one child & 400 for two children!), including:

    • 4 Different Planner Covers
    • 3 Different Cover Info Sheets
    • 4 Quote Inserts
    • Daily Docket
    • 2 Yearly Overviews
    • 2 Perpetual Calendars
    • Attendance Roster
    • Holidays
    • Contacts
    • Extra-Curricular Details List
    • Password Tracker
    • To Do List
    • 2 Note Pages, Lined & Unlined
    • 5 Lesson Plan Options
    • 2 Daily Schedules
    • Family Read Aloud Log
    • Reading Log
    • 2 Field Trip Pages, Boxes & Detailed
    • Chore Chart
    • Journal of Moments
    • Goals
    • Wish List
    • Yearly Plan & Evaluation
    • Testing Tracking
    • Student Checklist
    • 11 Monthly Covers
    • 11 Monthly Calendars
    • 11 Weekly Calendars for each month
    • Notice of Intent Form


I’ve also created 3 pages that I am not actually placing IN my planner – but using them outside the planner.

  • The Daily Docket I am laminating and attaching to my desk to use with a dry erase marker – I’ll write & wipe!
  • The Notice of Intent form will be the form I submit to the school.
  • The Student Checklist I’m actually putting in a separate binder with V & T’s work – I’ll place this sheet in front to log their work & then place the corresponding work behind it.


Homeschool Planner | @mamamissblog #backtoschool #homeschool #organize

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  1. Hi I was wondering If this is a 2014/15 does that mean I would have to purchase again for next year? Thank you much in advance for your reply. Have an amaziing night day which ever is ahead of you when you receive this. :0)

  2. This is wonderful! Once again you have outdone yourself! I absolutely love love love it! Thank you for being so incredibly awesome!


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