Inspired By Julia Donaldson – Fancy Stick Crown

It’s another month, and another author for Virtual Book Club For Kids!

Last month we did a Pigeon Handprint Craft, Inspired By Mo Willems – Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus.

Today I have yet another fun craft, a Fancy Stick Crown, from our favorite Julia Donaldson book –  Stick Man!


Fancy Stick Crown - inspired by nature, created for the imagination | @mamamissblog #juliadonaldson #stickman


We started off our project with reading Stick Man, by Julia Donaldson.  While brainstorming for a project and picking the brains of my little ones, we came across Kirsten Rickert and her BEAUTIFUL stick crown sewing tutorial.  Well, although I’m a sewer by trade, I wanted to make this even more simple for you (and me!) and involve the kiddos in the process a little more (keeping in mind their ages and their 4yo & 3yo abilities).

We then went for a long walk behind our house on the search for sticks, or small twigs.  V&T each brought their rulers (always a teachable moment – even in play!) to find sticks that were around an 8 to 10-inch range in length.  They gathered A TON!

We even had a momentary lesson on camouflage when we spotted (T jumped out of his skin running) a gorgeous brown & green praying mantis who was very friendly and stayed a long while for the kiddos to watch him and his movements and ask me questions.  They named him “pretty V T heart” – an amazing moniker if I do say so myself ;)


Fancy Stick Crown - inspired by nature, created for the imagination | @mamamissblog #juliadonaldson #stickman

Fancy Stick Crown - inspired by nature, created for the imagination | @mamamissblog #juliadonaldson #stickman

Grab your supplies

Measure your child’s head.

Fancy Stick Crown - inspired by nature, created for the imagination | @mamamissblog #juliadonaldson #stickman


  1. Start by laying out your muslin strip and placing the sticks down in the order that they’ll fit, or how you’d like them arranged (some curve, some fit into each other – lay it out & map out your area first :)  Make sure they are spaced enough apart to allow another one in the next layer to go between.
  2. Once design is laid out, start gluing down the sticks about half way down the muslin strip.
  3. Glue about 15 to 16 inches of sticks down (that’s how much it took to fit around V& T’s head), in the center, of the length of muslin.
  4. Fold over muslin strip width-wise encasing the newly glued sticks.  Glue the muslin strip in place.
  5. On top of the muslin strip, place more sticks in the spaces between the sticks below.  Glue them down.
  6. Add optional decorative ribbon on top of the sticks. Let cool.
  7. Wrap and around your child’s head & let their imaginations run free!

There are dragons to be slayed, queens to be crowned, castles to be lived in – the skies the limit with their imaginations!

Fancy Stick Crown - inspired by nature, created for the imagination | @mamamissblog #juliadonaldson #stickman

Fancy Stick Crown - inspired by nature, created for the imagination | @mamamissblog #juliadonaldson #stickman

Fancy Stick Crown - inspired by nature, created for the imagination | @mamamissblog #juliadonaldson #stickman

We would love for you to come join us in all the fun!!!

See the whole 2014-2015 line up here.

Have you created an activity inspired by Stick Man? 

Tell us what you did here in the COMMENTS or over on the Virtual Book Club for Kids Facebook page where we will be featuring each month our book related ideas!


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Next month, November 13, join us for…

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I hope you join me (+V&T) as we share a super fun, activity/craft to accompany our selected book each month!!

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