DIY Stamps – Swimmy

Let's make some super simple DIY stamps with everyday materials! #vbcforkids @mamamissblog

We’re back with this month’s Virtual Book Club – and we’re celebrating Leo Lionni!  The book we chose from his collection of amazing books was Swimmy.

It’s such a sweet book…

Deep in the sea there lives a happy school of little fish. Their watery world is full of wonders, but there is also danger, and the little fish are afraid to come out of hiding . . . until Swimmy comes along. Swimmy shows his friends how—with ingenuity and team work—they can overcome any danger.

Though, my absolute favorite thing about this book is the artwork – it’s organic, and beautiful, and colorful, and lovely.  It made me think of handprints, finger-painting, and handmade art.  That’s when this lovely idea popped into my head!  Let’s make some stamps!  Some super simple stamps that create the most magnificent organic fish shapes – using craft foam.  SERIOUSLY these are beyond simple to make – it took us all of 5 minutes TOTAL to make them & get our stamp on!

Let's make some super simple DIY stamps with everyday materials! #vbcforkids @mamamissblog

Let's make some super simple DIY stamps with everyday materials! #vbcforkids @mamamissblog

Let's make some super simple DIY stamps with everyday materials! #vbcforkids @mamamissblog

Let's make some super simple DIY stamps with everyday materials! #vbcforkids @mamamissblog

Here’s what you’ll need to make these DIY stamps:

How to make these DIY stamps:

  • Print out the fish templates.
  • Trace the fish outline, hard with pencil.
  • Flip the template over and rub the back of the penciled outline (with your finger) onto the foam, transferring the fish shape outline onto the foam.
  • Cut out the fish shapes in the foam.
  • Remove the adhesive backing from the fish shapes.
  • Attach a fish shape to each wooden rectangle.

See – told ya – super duper easy – no artistic talent needed whatsoever.  Time to get stampin’!

I even made a print with it, created some little air bubbles, and added a fun little quote “swim in your own direction”!  Imagine the awesomeness that is possible with these DIY stamps – different shapes, colors, & textures for starters!

And here are the FREE printables – just enter your name & email and I’ll send ya the downloadable link straight away to your inbox – BAM – just like that!

Fish Templates

Let's make some super simple DIY stamps with everyday materials! #vbcforkids @mamamissblog

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