Christmas Crafting With Kids

It’s that time of year again – the week before Christmas when all through the house, the kiddos were crafting as quiet as a mouse.

haha not really – it’s most likely pure chaos!  But, here are some simple & helpful tips (to help you) with Christmas crafting with kids!

Christmas Crafting With Kids from @mamamissblog

Christmas Crafting With Kids


Not every child is going to be artistically gifted. Enjoy the process, not just the end result.


Most art projects will be messy. Cover your surface with paper and use materials that are washable. When you’re finished, roll up the paper and discard the mess easily.


Now is not the time for your child to wear their favorite outfit, it will get ruined. Have your child wear an old t-shirt or smock to protect their clothes and allow them to create.


Use crafting as a way to connect with your child. Craft projects give you a good opportunity to spend time together, talk, and bond over a shared experience.


Encourage new skills – it’s okay to make mistakes and not to give up.  Enable self expression – have your child involved in picking projects they want to do.


Try not to control it all. Let your child explore that new art supply or tool. Encourage, but don’t take over the craft.


Put on music, have an open time frame, allow them to be creative without limits, you’ll be much happier (& so will they).


And speaking of simple Christmas crafting with kids – here are some SIMPLE crafts to try this week.

Well, not really crafts, per se, because they provide some usefulness & can end up on the tree instead of becoming unending art clutter ;)

Christmas Crafting With Kids from @mamamissblog


North Pole Ninja Kid-Made Ornament

Dream Snow Kid-Made Ornament

Folded Paper Christmas Tree Kid-Made Ornament

Clothespin Doll Kid-Made Ornament

Burlap Reindeer Kid-Made Ornament

Easy Kid-Made Christmas Tree Ornament

Star Kid-Made Ornaments

Lego Penguin Kid-Made Ornaments

Mason Jar Lid Kid-Made Snowman Ornament

Pine Tree Kid-Made Ornament

Classic Nativity Kid-Made Ornament

Spice Jar Lid Kid-Made Ornament

Puppy Dog Kid-Made Ornament

Cutest Bear Ever Kid-Made Ornament

Painted Elmer Kid-Made Ornament

Mixed Media Collage Kid-Made Ornament

Felt Pudding Kid-Made Ornament

Silver Bell Kid-Made Ornament

Inspired by Matisse Kid-Made Ornament

Walnut Shell Manger Kid-Made Christmas Ornament

Cinnamon Stick Ribbon Kid-Made Ornaments

Peppa Pig Kid-Made Christmas Ornament

Star Bright Kid-Made Christmas Ornament

Crayon Melt Kid-Made Ornament

Hand-Sewn Gingerbread Kid-Made Ornament

“Press Here” | Super Simple Toddler Made Ornament

Wooden Train Track Christmas Kid-Made Ornament

Emeraldalicious Kid-Made Ornament

Clay Baby Footprint Keepsake Kid-Made Ornament

Mini Christmas Letter Kid-Made Ornament

Madeline Inspired Eiffel Tower Christmas Kid-Made Ornament

Katie the Candy Cane Fairy Kid-Made Ornament

Spin Art Candy Cane Kid-Made Ornament

Snow Globe Kid-Made Ornament

Festive Kid Made Candy Cane & Ribbon Kid-Made Ornament

Salt Dough Angel Christmas Kid-Made Ornament

Glow in the Dark Clay Snowflake Kid-Made Ornament

Christmas Candy Cane Ice Skate Kid-Made Ornament

Elephant and Piggie Kid-Made Ornament

DIY Dinosaur Kid-Made Ornament

Felt Paw Print Christmas Kid-Made Ornament

Dream Snow Christmas Kid-Made Ornament

Patchwork Kid-Made Ornament

Polar Bear Kid-Made Ornament

Christmas Music Tree Kid-Made Ornament

Teach About Charity Acorn Kid-Made Ornament

Twig Christmas Tree Kid-Made Ornament


Christmas Crafting With Kids from @mamamissblog

Christmas Crafting With Kids from @mamamissblog

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