A Kid-Made Colorful Christmas

Looking to add a little more color to your Christmas, well, I’ve got you covered for a Kid-Made Colorful Christmas.  I’ve put together some of the most colorful, vibrant, vivid Kid-Made Christmas Ornaments and Gifts to share with you!

Colorful, vibrant, & vivid #KidMadeChristmas Ornaments and Gifts from @mamamissblog

All of these Kid-Made Colorful Christmas Ornaments and Gifts look like they’ll be so much fun to make, and a great way to celebrate a fun-filled Christmas. These colorful Christmas ideas would be perfect for that school holiday party too! Oh – and these lovely ornaments & gifts are also all inspired by kiddo books – how fun is that?!

To get the individual Ornament and/or Gift instructions, just click on the links.

Color is a power which directly influences the soul.~Wassily Kandinsky

Kid-Made Colorful Christmas


1. Rhythms of Play: Hand-Painted Candle Holders | 2. Happily Ever Mom: 2-Second Toddler-Made Ornament | 3. Mama Miss: Elmer Ornament | 4. Sunny Day Family: Dream Snow Ornament | 5. Fun Handprint Art: Handprint Shopkins Ornaments | 6. Feels Like Home: Felt Cat Ornament | 7. Happy Brown House: Melted Crayon Christmas Ornaments | 8. Castle View Academy: Golden Ticket Chocolate Box Inspired By Roald Dahl’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory | 9. Rainy Day Mum: Mondrian Christmas Ornaments | 10. Mosswood Connections: Look and Find Crayon Ornaments | 11. Rhythms of Play: Rustic Alphabet Wood Slice Ornament | 12. The Joy of Sharing: Aluminum Foil Christmas Tree Ornaments | 13. Artsy Momma: DIY Jeweled Rainbow Ornaments | 14. Mama Miss: Bottle Brush Forest Ornament


Colorful, vibrant, & vivid #KidMadeChristmas Ornaments and Gifts from @mamamissblog


Colorful, vibrant, & vivid #KidMadeChristmas Ornaments and Gifts from @mamamissblog

Colorful, vibrant, & vivid #KidMadeChristmas Ornaments and Gifts from @mamamissblog

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