Pinkalicious Activity Ideas

AWESOME! Here are a collection of Pinkalicious Activity Ideas for pre-writing, science, sensory, cooking, alphabet, colors, numbers, and shapes.

screen-free activities: Magic Expanding Paint

Magic Expanding Paint! It’s paint that expands MAGICALLY! Who doesn’t love that?! Come see what all the fun’s about & how you can make it too!

diy: Playdough Creation Kit Valentine

What better way to ask your valentine to “be mine”, than with a homemade DIY, lollipop playdough creation kit valentine.

kiddo fun: Strawberry No Cook Playdough

This simple to make (with only 3 ingredients!) Strawberry No Cook Playdough is a wonderfully scented new sensory material to add to your list of play.

kiddo: Non Scary Halloween Crafts And Activities – Creepy Crawlies

A fantastic-bombastic list of NINETY plus (that’s 9-0-plus!!) kiddo-centered non scary Halloween crafts and activities – all creepy crawlies!

kiddo: Non Scary Halloween Crafts And Activities – pumpkins

A fantastic-bombastic list of SIXTY non-scary kiddo Halloween crafts and activities – all with a pumpkin theme!

My {FAVORITE} Books and Toys for Preschoolers

Around the holidays I often get asked by friends about gift ideas for kiddos.  My favorite gift is ALWAYS a book, but I will let in the educational toys every now & then ;)  So, today I’ve complied for you, with visuals of course, my favorite books & toys that are currently scattered about our […]

idea collage: Homemade Playdough 3 Ways

I have been MIA the last couple of days because my little brother just got hitched this weekend!!!  Wahoo – he’s that last sibling to tie the knot. I don’t have a wrap-up from last week, so I’ll share some more from the wedding tomorrow :) So, without further ado…I thought I’d throw this post […]

playdough: Cotton Candy Playdough

Well, it CAN get better than CHOCOLATE Playdough, introducing Cotton Candy Playdough! I {LOVE} making playdough!  And V {LOVES} to see what I come up with – “make pay-dough mama” :):):) I used the same cotton candy liquid flavoring I used in the Cotton Candy Cake Cookies to make this playdough. It’s super pretty & […]

fancy fun: Bread Clay Beads and Necklace

Learn how to make this super cool, Anthropologie-esque, delightful, kiddo-made – Bread Clay Beads & Necklace!

playdough: Chocolate Playdough

Seriously, ya’ll, it can’t get any better than CHOCOLATE play-doh – can it?! Well, lo & behold, I made some play-doh without using my usual Kool-Aid method!  I decided to live on the edge and try something new (Kool-Aid colors are lacking in the natural color arena – go figure – guess no one wants […]

playdough: Kool-Aid Dyed Playdough

If you haven’t guessed by reading previous posts, I adore Kool-Aid, not for the usual drinking purposes (I have NEVER in my life had Kool-Aid (and no, not even as a child…and that’s a whole other post – HA – let’s just say our Easter Bunny was called the health-food bunny for a reason…annnnnnd just […]