little picasso: Starburst Candy Mosaic

Fun with candy and art – create this simple Starburst Candy Mosaic with this free printable and a bag of Starburst’s

learning monkeys: Paint Palette Color Wheel

A {free printable} Paint Palette Color Wheel.  A hands-on activity where the kiddos can mix paint, match and learn primary & secondary colors.

fave friday: Crushes Of The Week – Color Block DIY

This week I’m a weeeee bit obsessed with do-it-yourself color block-ing!  Check out all this faboulous-ness & get inspired!

holiday: Christmas Sponge Stamp Blocks {The Studio}

Today I’m sharing a fun new craft I just made for Kiwi Crate’s “The Studio”. Head on over now to check out how to make & do this fun Christmas kid craft! Christmas Sponge Stamp Blocks ♥   xx ♥ m

play & eat: Thanksgiving Placemats {free printable}

So, I got to thinking.  At the end of yesterday’s post I linked you to my printable placemats for you to use for the kiddo tables at Thanksgiving.  Well, can you guess what I’m thinking?! ;)  I whipped up a quick fall/Thanksgiving one for you to use too – YAY! Since we have been doing […]

celebration: Arts-N-Crafts Birthday Activities

Yesterday I shared with you how V started off her third birthday – with a balloon spectacular!  Today, I am sharing with you all the activities we did at little miss V’s birthday party. Her birthday theme was Arts-N-Crafts.  I knew a while ago, because she enjoys doing crafts, painting, & coloring, that this would […]

little picasso: Cornstarch Spray Paint

This super easy concoction was originally intended to be used outside, but we brought it inside on such a chilly day.  I mean, c’mon, who lets kids have spray bottles of paint in the house?  Ummm…me, apparently ;)  This requires just a couple of simple ingredients that you most likely will already have around the […]

Activity Designer at Kiwi Crate

So, here’s the BIG, EXCITING, WONDERFUL, AWESOME news I’ve been waiting to tell you guys! Eeeeek!  Here’s my secret – I’ve been doing double duty. I, along with some other AMAZING kid bloggers, have been contributing over at Kiwi Crate the past month or so as activity designers for their new project called the Kiwi […]

little picasso: Shaving Cream Tub Paint

This is a super-duper-easy-peasy fun activity for the tub!  I grabbed a bunch of muffin tins from the dollar store a while back knowing that they would provide me with something useful in the future.  Now what kid wouldn’t want to color on the walls and have their mama be okay with it?! This provides […]