2015 Blogger Planner – coming soon

2015 Blogger Planner – coming soon | @mamamissblog #bloggerplanner #blogtips #calendar

It’s coming very soon, and currently in the creation stage, but I’d love your feedback on the 2015 Blogger Planner for it’s debut in early November!

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diy classroom: Reminder Bracelets

diy classroom: Reminder Bracelets | @mamamissblog #teachergift #backtoschool #sharpie #diy

A Reminder Bracelet station is an simple DIY teacher/classroom gift. Set it by the classroom door for the student to write down what they need to remember.

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Homeschool Planner 2014-2015

Homeschool Planner | @mamamissblog #backtoschool #homeschool #organize

It’s here – your 2014-15 Homeschool Planner! It is a perfect time management tool for your homeschool classroom – get yours now for an exclusive price!

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quote love: Benjamin Franklin quote

Benjamin Franklin quote | @mamamissblog #education #STEM #freeprintable #quotelove

An amazing free printable Benjamin Franklin quote to start off your Monday + 7 giveaways for the all new Mama Miss teacher planner!!!

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all new: Teacher Planner!

Teacher Planner | by Mama Miss Designs® @mamamissblog #classroom #organization #school

Pretty up your classroom organization with the ultimate Teacher Planner! Dive into this custom planner and design your layout for your classroom!

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2014-2015 MID YEAR Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner

2014-2015 MID YEAR Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #bloggertools #organize #midyearplanner

It’s here – your 2014-15 MID YEAR Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner. Some fab updates & 5 new pages added – get yours now for an exclusive price!

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design: Mid-Year Calendar and Blogger Planner

Mid-Year Calendar & Blogger Planner COMING SOON | @mamamissblog #bloggerplanner #seo #calendar

Along with two other planners, the Mama Miss Mid-Year Calendar & Blogger Planner, July 2014 – June 2015, will be released soon – here’s the details!

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Ultimate Baby Book

Ultimate Baby Book | @mamamissblog #babybook #planner #babysfirsts

The Ultimate Baby Book is complete with everything you need to record the important moments of baby’s first year – in an easy to create digital download!

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organize me: Trademarking Your Blog

Trademarking Your Blog | @mamamissblog #blogbusiness #giveaway

Trademarking your blog is important because your blog name is your brand; it is how your followers know you and recommend you to others.

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The future in planning.

Anatole France - planning quote | @mamamissblog #quotelove #quoteme #planning #freeprintable

With so many ideas floating around in this cluttered brain of mine, including expanding on my planner – I need your help with “the future in planning”.

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2014 Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner

2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner

This new 2014 all inclusive blogger planner is stylish & functional – plus a calendar & menu planner is available for the non-blogger too!

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create mama: Ten Little LUNCH Notes

10 Little Lunch Notes | Mama Miss #lunchbox #freeprintable #kidlunch

Brighten their day with a little note of love or encouragement.  These custom-designed {free printable} lunch notes are sure to make them smile!

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diy: Project Life – My Beginning

Project Life – My Beginning, with 5th and Frolic | Mama Miss #projectlife #PLatMichaels #scrapbook

Now available, and exclusive to Michaels craft stores, these GORGEOUS new Project Life kits are the perfect edition to your Project Life creations.

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organize me: Flashcard Decor Display Ideas

Flashcard Decor Display Ideas http://www.mamamiss.com ©2013

Last month when I created the free printable alphabet cards, a couple of readers asked about ways for displaying them.  Today I bring you several ideas!

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printable: Birthday Calendar

Birthday Calendar - Custom Designed Free Printables http://www.mamamiss.com ©2013

Do you secretly rely on Facebook to keep you in the birthday loop?  I do!  I am the WORST when it comes to remembering birthdays.

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