edible fun: Bento

When I am not at home making octopuses,

or mice,

or butterflies,

or animals,

or flowers,

or kitty cats,

or a beach scene,

or having fun with colors

hehe…this is what my “to go” travel lunch usually looks like for V & T.

It may look complicated, but it is super simple; this Bento lunch requires very little tools to make.

I used 3 different shapes/sizes of heart cutters, a crinkle cutter, and a silicone cupcake liner.

Apple & fruit leather heart cutters.

Cheese small heart cutter.

Crinkle cutter used to cut cucumbers.

Yellow silicone cupcake liner.

And here is what everything is, starting at the upper left corner going clockwise:

Square 1: Cucumber, pepper, and cream cheese sandwiches

Square 2 : Greek yogurt, apples, fruit leather

Square 3: Broccoli, carrots, and cheese

Square 4: Peanut butter and granola bar pieces

And here is the 4 square bento box I used :)

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