Activity Designer at Kiwi Crate

So, here’s the BIG, EXCITING, WONDERFUL, AWESOME news I’ve been waiting to tell you guys!

Eeeeek!  Here’s my secret – I’ve been doing double duty.

I, along with some other AMAZING kid bloggers, have been contributing over at Kiwi Crate the past month or so as activity designers for their new project called the Kiwi Crate Studio.

And here’s a peek at all the new, fun, original mama♥miss projects I created just for Kiwi Crate!  Head on over now to see them all up close & with step-by-step directions on how to make them!

You can also find my Activity Designer Profile here, with the most up-to-date listing of all the projects I have created for Kiwi Crate so far, with a bunch more to come!

Oh, and one more thing!

Kiwi Crate is also running this fantastic promotion called “Pin it to Craft it” –  you pin your favorite projects and activities from the new Kiwi Crate Studio and you could win a brand new Pottery Barn Kids craft table & $100 to spend at Kiwi Crate!  I mean come on, who doesn’t love FREE stuff – especially free stuff from Pottery Barn Kids & Kiwi Crate!

YAY! So, venture on over to my second home at Kiwi Crate and take a seat, get your scissors & paste out, and get to crafting with Kiwi Crate!

xx m

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  1. Awesome! I’m heading over there right now to check it all out. :)

  2. How fabulous! I took a closer look at the marbled leaves because those look so amazing. I must admit that I did not see that coming! Shaving cream?! Now, THAT I have to try! lol

    • hehe I know – they are so cool! V & I are so amazed every time we do them – it’s like magic!
      The final product smells good too :) Thanks for stopping by Renee :)

      xx ♥ m

  3. You are amazing!! I love, love, love your autumn tree fingerprint craft.

    • Thank you Malia, YOU are amazing too!!!! :) You what know I have in my treasure trove? A beach ball I bought at Target summer clearance when I saw your genius post “The Alphabet Ball Game” (I’m so glad you linked that one to Kiwi Crate too – I love it!), I can’t wait to try it! You are so inspiring Malia – it’s an honor to be working on a joint project with you :) Thanks for the comment love!

      xx ♥ m

  4. EEEEKKK! Thats awesome news! I love Kiwi Crate so I will be sure to head over and check out the new studio :)

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