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Flashcard Decor Display Ideas ©2013


Last month when I created the free printable alphabet cards, a couple of readers asked about ways for displaying them.


Alphabet Cards - Custom Designed Free Printables ©2013

{ABC Printable Alphabet Cards}


I have since then, added this picture below in my original post, of V’s old nursery (please excuse my less than stellar photog skills – this was the clearest pic I could uncover :)

I wanted to display the Alphabet Cards without the tackiness of a tack (pun intended!) and I wasn’t about to buy 26 frames!!!

So, enter this idea into the ol’ noggin.

How we made it:  We used 2 strips of chair molding and attached them to the wall horizontally.  The width between the strips matched the exact height of the cards.  They didn’t wrap around the room entirely, I was able to have two displays on the two facing walls, by splitting the alphabet in half.  The cards were attached with damage-free adhesive strips.  I completed the look by adding little bows randomly, to make it a little more girly in a very neutral nursery :)


Flashcard Decor Display Ideas ©2013

I also came across this today, as another alternative for your flashcard display from Young House Love.

It’s a beautiful wall shelf they built.  They originally used it to display postcards, and use it currently to display their daughter’s flashcards!


postcard shelf | living-on-the-ledge |

{photo}  Young House Love

And, then (remember my ever-churning-mind?), well it made me think of these shelves I have in my garage already from Ikea (of course I have them in my garage – I’m a DIY hoarder – HA!)

Similar idea, huh?  See, although I’m crafty, I don’t really touch the building & wooden construction stuff – I leave that for the hubs.

So, this is a PERFECT alternative for a ready-made solution – no cutting wood required (well, unless you want too?!) – YAY!

ribba-picture-ledge |

{photo} Ikea RIBBA picture ledge

I’ll leave you with this final inspiration from kreyv.

She made this flashcard art display with a frame, twine, & some clothespins for her daughter’s room.

It is soooo beautiful!

ABC Flashcard Art |

{photo} kreyv

And, of course, this has my mind churning some more!

You could even make it more easy, by simply using baker’s twine or jute twine with mini clothespins and attaching it to your wall, just like that!


Flashcard Decor Display Ideas ©2013


Well, I hope that gets your ideas churning ;)

Good luck & bring on the creative!


xx m

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