fun eats: Frosty The Snow-Pop

Frosty The Snow-Pop | @mamamissblog #frosty #kidtreats #christmasfood #snowman


Love this little cutie –  and you can even eat him!!!  A yummy little treat I created for V&T (& some big kids I know too ;).

Mr. Frosty came to me after experimenting with several things, and many, many grocery trips (thank goodness I have one right behind my house).  Because when you have that eureka moment – you must have the proper supplies then & there – am I right?!  I was in the zone people!  But no worries – I did all the hard work for ya – you just have to go & get the supplies now – because I’ve finally found the supplies that work!

Behold – Frosty The Snow-Pop!!

Frosty The Snow-Pop | @mamamissblog #frosty #kidtreats #christmasfood #snowman


Now the scarf & printable are totally optional (but I think it makes him even more super cute – don’t ya think?!).

To make little Frosty the Snow-Pop without the printable, I would make smaller pops to make him look more proportionate, and just cut the paper straw in half.  You could also even make him without a hat, or you could make him with a black & white straw…endless options…but this is the little Frosty the Snow-Pop that we’ve come to love :)


Frosty The Snow-Pop | @mamamissblog #frosty #kidtreats #christmasfood #snowman

Frosty The Snow-Pop | @mamamissblog #frosty #kidtreats #christmasfood #snowman



Frosty The Snow-Pop | @mamamissblog #frosty #kidtreats #christmasfood #snowman

Frosty The Snow-Pop | @mamamissblog #frosty #kidtreats #christmasfood #snowman


  • pinch the end of your paper straw to make it flat & insert it into the cookie.
  • using icing as your “glue”, attach a mini rolo to the pointed top of a candy melt, attach it to the top of the cookie with the icing
  • using a sharp knife, cut a tic-tac in half, using the icing as your “glue”, attach the tic-tac (nose)
  • using icing as your “glue”, attach the mini chocolate chips for eyes and a mouth
  • cut about 4” of red ribbon & knot it around your snowman’s neck, making a scarf
  • print out the snowman printable body (see below), fold the tabs over the back of the straw & secure with tape


Frosty The Snow-Pop | @mamamissblog #frosty #kidtreats #christmasfood #snowman


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  1. So much fun! A great idea for our Christmas party – thank you!

  2. So cute and looks very yummy too. My kids would love it!

  3. So cute! Love the tilt of his head…jaunty!!

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