Sweet Kale Smoothie and CocoaVia Giveaway

Sweet Kale Smoothie | @mamamissblog #cocoavia #smoothielove #kale

Part of the new me that I strive to be this year is eating healthier.  Last year I got a Ninja blender & although I was gung-ho at first, I slowly fizzled with ideas.  It wasn’t until recently that I’ve really been utilizing it every day (haha some days even more than that) and getting all creative with fruit & veggie combinations.  Today I’m sharing my newest creation, my Sweet Kale Smoothie (& a fab giveaway at the bottom of the post too)!

Sweet Kale Smoothie | @mamamissblog #cocoavia #smoothielove #kale

Sweet Kale Smoothie | @mamamissblog #cocoavia #smoothielove #kale

Sweet Kale Smoothie | @mamamissblog #cocoavia #smoothielove #kale

Sweet Kale Smoothie | @mamamissblog #cocoavia #smoothielove #kale

Sweet Kale Smoothie | @mamamissblog #cocoavia #smoothielove #kale

It’s so easy to fall in a rut of tiredness & bad eating.  I’m VERY guilty of it, because its easy!  Well, anything worth having is worth working for – right?!

So, let’s make a pact – you & me – let’s make 2014 a healthy new you – Mentally & Physically!

Mentally – more “you” time.  I am the WORST when it comes to taking time for myself, theeeee worst!  And although I feel extremely guilty (ugh mama guilt) I’ve started going off on the weekend mornings for some mama time.  I’ve been getting my lazy weekend butt up really early and going to the gym, and then to the library or Panera (Starbucks is too noisy even with headphones on!) to work.  Real work; writing, editing photos – I’m paranoid about cranking up the internet on public Wi-Fi so I’m not distracted by social media (that’s a good thing!).

Physically – the gym, walking, running – anything to get those endorphins going.  In my twenties I was the biggest exercise freak – ran 5Ks almost every weekend, 10Ks sometimes & the occasional one-time 10-miler (even though the guy who was running and juggling (umm no joke) passed me at mile 9, I still survived lol).  I loved it, I ate really well, I worked out EVERY DAY.  I miss her.  Although I hate to admit it- exercise really does give you more energy – you feel sooo sooo good afterwards – so if you’re too tired to workout – FORCE yourself to do it – you’ll feel energized & amazing afterwards – I promise!

And to nourish both Mental & Physical – it’s all about eating right & giving your body the nutrition and vitamins it needs to succeed!  Feed that brain with power food & those muscles with energy.

So, you with me?!  YAY!  Let’s do this – I got ya back – we can do this together!!

So, full circle here –  enter in some smoothie love (along with my CocoaVia® supplements) – my healthy obsession to make the “new me” happen full force!

Sweet Kale Smoothie | @mamamissblog #cocoavia #smoothielove #kale

Sweet Kale Smoothie | @mamamissblog #cocoavia #smoothielove #kale

A quick & easy lunch, or breakfast (I usually do one for lunch everyday) – pop it into the blender with my CocoaVia® Supplement & go!

So, what’s CocoaVia®?!

Sweet Kale Smoothie | @mamamissblog #cocoavia #smoothielove #kale

From CocoaVia®

CocoaVia® daily cocoa extract supplement helps support healthy circulation, which contributes to healthy aging by promoting cardiovascular health.  CocoaVia® supplement is made with our patented Cocoapro™ cocoa extract, guaranteeing the highest concentration of cocoa flavanols in a dietary supplement. CocoaVia® supplement is available in two convenient forms: vegetarian capsules and single serving powdered stick packs.

In simplified mama terms – it gives me my daily dose of heart-healthy cocoa flavanols in an super easy way everyday (ummm plus it’s made from cocoa – hello!) – I just add it to my shake or coffee & go!!  So easy-peasy my friends!

Here’s more on how it works, some more ideas on how to use it, and where you can get it.  Love CocoaVia®!

And here’s my yummy & refreshing Sweet Kale Smoothie recipe (and don’t forget about the fab giveaway too – just scroll down)…

Sweet Kale Smoothie

Rich in vitamins and nutrients from fruits, vegetables & CocoaVia supplement - this smoothie is perfect for a meal replacement or a quick healthy treat.


1 cup Fresh Kale
1 cup Fresh Spinach
2 Tablespoons Flax Seed
2 Frozen Bananas
1 cup Frozen Peaches
1/2 cup Pineapple Juice
1 1/4 cup Water


  1. Combine all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Add more water to make the smoothie less thick.

And eeek!  And my fab friends at CocoaVia® are giving you the complete hook-up too – all of this – over $75 in product, including…

(hehe I had to pry the fancy coffee mug from hubs hands ;)

Sweet Kale Smoothie | @mamamissblog #cocoavia #smoothielove #kale

Sweet Kale Smoothie | @mamamissblog #cocoavia #smoothielove #kale



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Sweet Kale Smoothie | @mamamissblog #cocoavia #smoothielove #kale


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  1. Can you leave out the Cocovia and if so – will it still taste good?

  2. This looks soooo good. I like the added touch of frozen peaches!

  3. Thanks for sharing your smoothie recipe! I love green smoothies and one of my favorites is a kale peach combo – it just stinks because peaches are hard to come by in the midwest this time of year! Happy Wednesday!

  4. This perfectly combines my recent obsession with both smoothies and kale! Can’t wait to try it.

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