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Mid-Year Calendar & Blogger Planner COMING SOON | @mamamissblog #bloggerplanner #seo #calendar


Sooooo, YOU GUYS ROCK!  You seriously do!

I had no idea how much you all wanted a pretty blogger planner as much as I did!

Wanna hear the honest truth?!  Hubs thought I’d sell 4 or 5 – haha that silly hubs!  I thought I’d sell a couple to blogger friends but HAD NO IDEA that you guys would blow this thing outta the water!!!  Your support has been through the roof & I just wanted to thank you all – from the bottom of my heart!  And for proving hubs (and me) wrong ;)

So I HEAR YA!  And, several have emailed me asking for more, more, more… a mid-year calendar, a 2015 calendar, and a teachers calendar.

I’m hear to tell you that all three of those are in the works!!  woot woot!!

The Mid-Year Calendar and Blogger Planner, July 2014 – June 2015, will be the first to be released here soon – so stay tuned – it’s crunch time folks & I’m trying to make it happen in my free mama time (now if someone could break it down to V&T that would be AH-MAZING – you know entertain them – I’m totally okay with sweet treats being involved for bribery ;)


The teacher one will be released next (I’m working with a fab teacher friend who has sent me her teacher wish list in a teacher planner – thanks April!!).

And then, low & behold, the full calendar year 2015 Calendar and Blogger Planner, will most likely be released in the fall sometime.

Sooooo without further ado I will get back to work here – but wanted to pop in & tell ya the official news & give you a sneak peek of that new cover (see up there in clipped hanging) for the Mid-Year Calendar and Blogger Planner, July 2014 – June 2015.

In the meantime there is also the baby calendar & the menu planner too, in my shop.

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  1. So excited for the mid year calendar! I love the cover! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent. I am happy that your readers have proved the hubs (and you) wrong! That is something awesome to be wrong about. Can’t wait to purchase it!

    • Thank you Shambray! Wonderful friends like you make me “keep on keepin’ on” :) Thank you so much for your sweet words! And it’s now “live” if you haven’t seen already {} I hope you love it! xx

  2. Very excited about the mid year blogger planner, will it also be bundled with the menu planner and calendar? I’m so glad you are doing this, I thought I’d missed the boat. Is it possible to let me know when you launch so I can get it right away? Thanks!

    • It will be Julie! Feverishly working on it this week – hoping for it to be out next week :) If you sign up to receive my posts via email you’ll be one of the first to know – as soon as I publish the post the email is sent to ya :) xx

  3. So excited for the blogger planner and teacher planner. So…excited….

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