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Disclosure: I was sent a free copy of the bookclip_image001 in order to participate in the book review, but all my opinions are my own (and always will be!).

Magic Expanding Paint | @mamamissblog #screenfree #puffypaint

Well if you have kids, you know Asia, the author & creator of Fun at Home with Kids.  She’s now put all her wonderful ideas in a fab book – a fab book that contains a ton of new, never-before-seen recipes & activities that aren’t on her blog.

Magic Expanding Paint | @mamamissblog #screenfree #puffypaint

Magic Expanding Paint | @mamamissblog #screenfree #puffypaint

One of those recipes/activities in her new book is Magic Expanding Paint.

So, Magic Expanding Paint?!  If you haven’t guessed by the name – it’s paint that expands MAGICALLY!  Who doesn’t love that?!

V&T LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this activity!  Which I find somewhat really crazy?

Crazy, because I thought this particular activity in the book would be something beyond them, something so simple that they wouldn’t find that much interest in.  Boy, was I wrong!  Really wrong!  Never assume – big mama mistake ;)  T was grinning the entire time!

These two have been dog-earing the entire book .  I’m sorry Asia – it was so pretty & neat when we first got it – it’s now been kid-a-fied – but that’s good – right?!  That’s what a parent wants in a kiddo activity book don’t they?!  Well, done Asia, we haven’t put the book down!

Magic Expanding Paint | @mamamissblog #screenfree #puffypaint

Magic Expanding Paint | @mamamissblog #screenfree #puffypaint

Magic Expanding Paint | @mamamissblog #screenfree #puffypaint

My favorite part of the book is at the top of each activity/recipe there is a visual allergen key for quick and easy reference for parents.  Except for my dairy issues (and maybe gluten issues – testing soon), we are pretty allergen free around here, but most of my friends & their kids have severe allergies.  I loved the fact that it is laid out right in the beginning of each recipe/activity for each potential allergy.  Brilliant!

from Asia… “Every sensory recipe/activity has any potential allergens clearly marked (you will find lots of gluten-free and dye-free recipes!) and each recipe is also specially marked if it is taste-safe”.

And after each activity/recipe, she has several suggestions for variations of the activity – love some awesome extension activities to keep the fun going!

Magic Expanding Paint | @mamamissblog #screenfree #puffypaint

Magic Expanding Paint | @mamamissblog #screenfree #puffypaint

So what are you waiting for?!  It’s a great deal on Amazon right now.

And for the price of two Venti Soy Caramel Macchiato’s with no foam (ha-ha me!) – you can have this book with 150+ Screen-Free Activities for your little ones of all ages (babies, toddlers, or older children – something for everyone)!

And, remember Christmas break is not too far away, friends – fill those cold days inside with fun & easy activities that mostly all can be completed using easily found items you already have – just like I did for the Magic Expanding Paint above (lol I bought the squeeze bottles eons ago for no purpose at all, just thought I’d need them some day.  So yes, yes, I am the weirdo crafty friend that actually had squeeze bottles on hand ;).



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