create kiddo: Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint | @mamamissblog #chalk #homemadepaint #outdoorplay

All you need is a sunny day and a few simple materials to make your own Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint.

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The future in planning.

Anatole France - planning quote | @mamamissblog #quotelove #quoteme #planning #freeprintable

With so many ideas floating around in this cluttered brain of mine, including expanding on my planner – I need your help with “the future in planning”.

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sensory: Bug Hunt Sensory Bin

Bug Hunt Sensory Bin | @mamamissblog #bugs #sensorybin #homeschool

We’re going on a bug hunt!  Create your own Bug Hunt Sensory Bin with black beans utilizing the fun & free learning printables I’ve created.

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Conversation Hearts Galore

Conversation Hearts - 25 decor, sweets, crafts & activities | @mamamissblog #valentinesday #conversationhearts #freeprintables

For something sweet to eat, or to make & learn – these 25 ideas using conversation hearts will give you plenty of options to utilize the iconic candy!

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diy: Playdough Creation Kit Valentine

Lollipop Playdough Creation Kit Valentine | @mamamissblog #valentine #homemadeholiday #playdough #createwithkids #kbn

What better way to ask your valentine to “be mine”, than with a homemade DIY, lollipop playdough creation kit valentine.

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diy: Fortune Cookie Eraser Valentine

Fortune Cookie Eraser Valentines | @mamamissblog #candyfree #freeprintable #handmadeholiday

These one-of-a-kind, handmade Fortune Cookie Eraser Valentines are super easy to make, and a cute candy-free alternative for your perfect valentine.

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holiday decor: Washi Tape Evergreen Tree

Washi Tape Evergreen Tree | @mamamissblog #washitapecrafts #holiday #ornament

Get out the washi and make a festive & colorful little washi tape evergreen tree – use as a stand alone decoration or hang it for all to see.

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fun eats: Frosty The Snow-Pop

Frosty The Snow-Pop | @mamamissblog #frosty #kidtreats #christmasfood #snowman

Frosty The Snow-Pop – he was made of snow but the children know how he came to life one day – in a yummy cookie pop treat  – YUM!

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DIY Advent Calendar and Printable Number Stickers

DIY Advent Calendar and Printable Number Stickers | @mamamissblog #adventcalendar #books #freeprintable #diyonthefly

It’s not to late to make a quick little advent calendar.  I’ve created these free Printable Number Stickers to add to your DIY Advent Calendar creations.

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kiddo activity: Turkey Thankful Coloring Page

Turkey Thankful Coloring Page | @mamamissblog #freeprintable #thanksgivingforkids #colorbynumber

A fun Turkey Coloring Page & Thankful Journal, to keep those little hands occupied on Thanksgiving.

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kiddo craft: Stained Glass Turkey

Stained Glass Turkey Craft | @mamamissblog #thanksgiving #turkeycraft #freeprintable

This Stained Glass Turkey Craft is the perfect little activity to make with your kiddo to celebrate Thanksgiving!  Just download my free printable to start.

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filling our soul: Thankful Print and Thankful Jar

Thankful Print and Thankful Jar | @mamamissblog #thankfulactivity #thanksgiving #gratitude

With this Thankful Print and Thankful Jar you can take the time to show your gratitude and kindness – and be reminded of all that you are thankful for.

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graphic print: Love More And Fear Less

Love More Fear Less | via @mamamissblog #freeprintable #dailymantra #graphicprint

Love more and fear less.  Practice releasing your fears and embracing love with this daily reminder free printable(s).

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kiddo diy: Flower Fairy Costume

Flower Fairy Costume | Mama Miss #halloween #diy #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

An easy kiddo DIY costume.  You won’t believe your eyes when you see the common material used to create this beautiful Flower Fairy Costume – Toilet Paper!

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kiddo: Non Scary Halloween Crafts And Activities – Creepy Crawlies

Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Creepy Crawlies | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #ghosts #spiders #kidcrafts #kbn

A fantastic-bombastic list of NINETY plus (that’s 9-0-plus!!) kiddo-centered non scary Halloween crafts and activities – all creepy crawlies!

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kiddo: Non Scary Halloween Crafts And Activities – pumpkins

kiddo halloween: Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Pumpkins | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #pumpkin #kidcrafts #kbn

A fantastic-bombastic list of SIXTY non-scary kiddo Halloween crafts and activities – all with a pumpkin theme!

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graphic print – Live In The Present

Live In The Present Quote | Mama Miss #quotelove #thefuture #freeprintable #beautiful

Always looking to the future, planning what is next  – I tend to forget about the moment I am living in right now.  Let’s make an effort, together, to live in the present!

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graphic print – Jump On The Bed

Jump On The Bed Graphic Quote | Mama Miss #adventure #life #freeprintable #livefully

Sometimes you just need to drop everything and Jump On The Bed!

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little picasso: Starburst Candy Mosaic

Starburst Candy Mosaic | Mama Miss #starburst #mosaic #freeprintable #kidart

Fun with candy and art – create this simple Starburst Candy Mosaic with this free printable and a bag of Starburst’s

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learning monkeys: Jellybean Math

Jellybean Math | Mama Miss #learningfun #homeschool #preschoolmath #candy #halloween

Loads of Halloween candy?  Try jellybean math – a super fun, engaging, AND YUMMY way to learn (without them even knowing they’re doing math!).

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chalkboard print: Love You To The Moon

Love You To The Moon Chalkboard Print | Mama Miss #chalkboard #moon #kiddecor

Perfect for a nursery or a little one’s room, this beautiful phrase “love you to the moon, and back” is a lovely quote to add to your wall.

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Graphic Print – Fall Subway Art

Fall Subway Art | Mama Miss #autumn #subwayprint #freeprintable

It’s time for fall! The leaves are changing – there is a crispness in the air – and I smell cinnamon! Update your frame with this fun fall subway art print.

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motivational monday: Graphic Print Quote – Change Your Thoughts

Change Your Thoughts Quote {by Peale} | Mama Miss #quotelove #change #motivationalmonday

It’s so very easy to let the negative outweigh the positive.  Change your thoughts & reap the benefits of happiness!

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google plus debut – Easy And Simple Bento

Easy & Simple Bento | Mama Miss #bentolunch #kidfood #funfood

You can find Mama Miss on You Tube now, from my G+ debut, sharing this easy and simple bento.  Included is also a list of essentials to create it!

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motivational monday: Chalkboard Print Quote – Good Moms Have

Chalkboard Print Quote – Good Moms Have | Mama Miss #quotelove #chalkboardprint

Love this quote about good moms – I say “let there be messes” – lots of them!

motivational monday: Classroom Signs

Classroom Signs {three designs} | Mama Miss #freeprintable #homeschool #preschool #character #teach

These signs, with a simple design, are perfect for a classroom or playroom.  Use them as motivation or character building reminders with your little ones.

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learning monkeys: Butterfly Life Cycle Activity

Butterfly Life Cycle Activities | Mama Miss #monarch #kidcrafts #butterfly #homeschool #preschool

A four-part preschool/kindergarten project, including a craft, a handwriting activity and a coloring/cutting page for learning the butterfly life cycle.

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motivational monday: Chalkboard Print Quote – Everything {Salmansohn}

Everything (Salmansohn) | Mama Miss #motivationalmonday #quote #freeprintable

Love this beautiful quote – live every day as you…everything is as it should be.

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create mama: Ten Little LUNCH Notes

10 Little Lunch Notes | Mama Miss #lunchbox #freeprintable #kidlunch

Brighten their day with a little note of love or encouragement.  These custom-designed {free printable} lunch notes are sure to make them smile!

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motivational monday: Graphic Art Print Quote – Live Now Fully {Salmansohn}

Graphic Art Print Quote – Live Now Fully {Salmansohn} | Mama Miss #quotelove #motivationalmonday #freeprintable

Print out this beautiful graphic quote “Live Now Fully” to place in your home, your office, your scrapbook…or wherever you need to be reminded!

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