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Well, hello!  I have for you today – part two (here’s part one) of the MOST EPIC, non-scary, kiddo crafts & activities roundup ever!


Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Creepy Crawlies | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #ghosts #spiders #kidcrafts #kbn


Whatya say to some more glorious kiddo crafts & activities from some AMAZING kid bloggers that will complete your Non Scary Halloween?

Well, I got ya covered…


Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Creepy Crawlies | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #ghosts #spiders #kidcrafts #kbn

I say – Wahoo!

So many fun things to check out!

And, it’s not to late to put any of these together…

Most all of these kiddo crafts & activities require very little materials soooo totally doable last minute!!

Have a safe Non Scary Halloween & let’s get to the fun already!!!

Spiders & Bats


Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Creepy Crawlies | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #ghosts #spiders #kidcrafts #kbn

Bat Handprints {Craftulate}

Spider Craft {Craftulate}

Cutting Practice Spider {Lalymom}

Cutting Spiderwebs {Lalymom}

Pipe Cleaner Spiders {Mama Miss}

Hand and Footprint Bat {Mom Endeavors}

Handprint Spiders in a DIY Lacing Card Web {Mom Endeavors}

Simple Spider Craft {Mom Endeavors}

Glittery Spiderweb and Spider {Buggy and Buddy}

Pine Cone Spider Webs {Housing a Forest}

Handprint Spider {Housing a Forest}

Paint with Spiders {Fantastic Fun and Learning}

Spider Play Dough {Fantastic Fun and Learning}

Black and White Halloween Sensory Bins {Fantastic Fun and Learning}

Bat Craft {Fantastic Fun and Learning}

Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Creepy Crawlies | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #ghosts #spiders #kidcrafts #kbn

Spider Headband Craft {Fantastic Fun and Learning}

Paper Chain Halloween Countdown {East Coast Mommy}

Spider & Bat Sensory Seek {Tutus & Tea Parties}

Creepy-Crawly Cauldron Play {Nothing if not Intentional}

Bat Text Guide, Stained Glass Bats, & Alphabet Bats {JDaniel4’s Mom}

Plate Bat Kid Craft {Cheap Crafty Mama}

Yarn Spider {The Chirping Moms}

Montessori-Inspired Spider Activities Using Free Printables {PreK + K Sharing}

Pipe Cleaner Spider on Colander Web {Finding The Teachable Moments}

Egg Carton Bats Preschool Craft {Preschool Powol Packets}

Paper Roll Bats {Glittering Muffins}

Spider Stick Puppets {The Craft Train}

Needlework for Preschoolers – A Halloween Spider and Web {One Perfect Day}

Easy Bouncing Spider {Kids Activities Blog}

Egg Carton Bats {Juggling With Kids}


Ghosts & Skeletons


Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Creepy Crawlies | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #ghosts #spiders #kidcrafts #kbn

Footprint Ghosts {Craftulate}

Footprint Ghosts {Mom Endeavors}

No-Sew Ghost Hand Puppet {Mama Smiles}

Invitation to Create Play Dough Skeletons or X-Rays {Fantastic Fun and Learning}

Ghostly Greeting Cards {Cheap Crafty Mama}

Skull Potato Print Party Bags {Kids Chaos}

Montessori-Inspired Friendly Ghost Activities {PreK + K Sharing}

Ghost Scooping {Finding The Teachable Moments}

Ghost Bowling {Finding The Teachable Moments}

Skeleton Bones – Simple Human Anatomy for Kids {Kids Activities Blog}


Monsters & Mummies


Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Creepy Crawlies | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #ghosts #spiders #kidcrafts #kbn

Eye’m Lookin’ At You Cookies {No Twiddle Twaddle}

Silly Monsters {P is for Preschooler}

Monster Cookies {Homegrown Friends}

Painting With Monster Hands {Housing a Forest}

Mummy Cards {Housing a Forest}

Toilet Roll Mummies {Happy Hooligans}

Yogurt Cup Monsters {Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails}

Frankenstein Footprint and Handprint Art {Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails}

Monster Cookies {Red Ted Art}

Halloween Craft: Little Monsters {Mama Pea Pod}

Printable Monster Puppets {picklebums}

Paper Roll Mummies {Glittering Muffins}

Gourds and Googly Eyes {Creative Connections for Kids}

Monster Eyes Fine Motor Skills Activity {Little Bins for Little Hands}

Monster Jars {Fantastic Fun and Learning}


Wizardry & Witches


Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Creepy Crawlies | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #ghosts #spiders #kidcrafts #kbn

Halloween Surprise Eruptions {Simple Fun For Kids}

Slime with Elmer’s Glue & Borax {Mom Endeavors}

Exploding Peep Geysers {Housing a Forest}

Candy Potions {Housing a Forest}

Ivory Soap Experiment – Making Fun Halloween Soap {Sow Sprout Play}

Paper Roll Cats {Glittering Muffins}

Bubbling Potions {One Perfect Day}

Halloween Sensory Play – Mixing a Wizard’s Brew {One Perfect Day}

Glittering Stick Wands {Kids Activities Blog}

Sticky Witch Hat Toddler Craft {Twodaloo}

A Black Cat Craft {Creative Connections for Kids}

Flower Pot Witch  {The Chirping Moms}


General Halloween


Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Creepy Crawlies | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #ghosts #spiders #kidcrafts #kbn

Easy Indoor Halloween Obstacle Course for Kids {Lalymom}

Invitation To Play – Halloween Play Dough {Simple Fun For Kids}

Halloween Cookie Cutter Painting {Crayon Box Chronicles}

Halloween Games for Kids: Charades {Buggy and Buddy}

Invitation to Create (Halloween): Beads, Straws, Pipe Cleaners, and String {Buggy and Buddy}

Fun Halloween Art for Kids: Drawing with Colored Sand {Buggy and Buddy}

Trick or Treat Footprint Art {See Vanessa Craft: Grits & Giggles}

{Halloween-themed} Sensory Play On the Go {Mama Papa Bubba}

Super Spooky Buggy Water {Mama Papa Bubba }

Halloween Playdough in 3 fun Scents {Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails}

Glitter & Scented Candy Corn Playdough {Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails}

Halloween Sensory Play | Candy Corn Sensory Seek {Tutus & Tea Parties}

Halloween Art–Invitation to Create with Edible/Baby Safe Paint {Nothing if not Intentional}

Play Ideas to Match Your Halloween Costumes {Nothing if not Intentional}

Halloween Sticky Art & A Lesson in What Sticks and What Doesn’t {Sow Sprout Play}

Non-Scary Crafts & Activities – Creepy Crawlies | Mama Miss #kidhalloween #ghosts #spiders #kidcrafts #kbn

Halloween Safety Rules and Ways to Review Them {JDaniel4’s Mom}

Halloween Threading Activity {Stir the Wonder}

18 Must Read October & Halloween Preschool Books {Tips from a Typical Mom}

{Halloween} Hershey’s Kiss Pretzel Recipe {Tips from a Typical Mom}

DIY Halloween Stamping Paint Fun {Powerful Mothering}

Candy Corn Sensory Tub {I Can Teach My Child}

DIY: Art History-Inspired Halloween Costumes {Art History Mom}

DIY Costumes–Bird Wings {Green Owl Art}

TRICK OR TREAT ROLL- A Halloween Game for Young Children {My Little Bookcase}

Easy No Sew Halloween Costume Accessories {My Little Bookcase}

Halloween Shadow Puppets and Free Printable Template {One Perfect Day}

Halloween Play Dough – Imaginative and Sensory Play {One Perfect Day}

Halloween Sensory Bottle {Little Bins for Little Hands}

Halloween Sensory Play {Housing a Forest}

Spooktacular Halloween Owls {Happy Hooligans}

Be sure to check out the SIXTY – pumpkin/jack-o’-lantern kiddo crafts & activities too – all that are NOT SCARY!

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