2015/2016 Teacher Planner

Plan your next calendar year with the all new 2015/2016 Teacher Planner @mamamissblog

It’s customizable.

It’s inspiring.

Plan your next calendar year with the all new 2015/2016 Teacher Planner @mamamissblog

It can be yours for your 2015/2016 planning year!

For the 2015/2016 teacher planner, my 1st preference, and what I would recommend, would be to try out the system I’ve started to use, the disc binding system.  Alternatively you can have it bound at your local office store (my 2nd preference), or 3-hole punch it & toss it together into a 3-ring binder (my 3rd preference).  I’m not really a 3-ring binder kinda gal – I don’t like the abrupt, clunky, chunkiness of it all.



Create YOUR 2015/2016 Teacher Planner!


// supplies

optional other accessories that work with the binding system

Now, if you decide to bind it the ol’ fashioned way – just bring it to your local office supply store & have them bind it for you.  Or just slap the parts into a large, probably 2-inch or bigger, 3-ring binder.  Except for the expansion discs – you’ll still need the dividers, sheet protectors, punch, & binder for the 3-ring style…  and the dividers and sheet protectors for the store bound style.

How you design it is up to you – that’s the beauty of it – and why I like the binding system – it’s totally customizable!

// tips

// includes

So what will you get with your Teacher Planner purchase?

  • Instructions on how I put my teacher planner together via access to a virtual flipbook – so you can see it in action!
  • 67 original pages (a whopping 354 pages if put together completely!), including:
    • cover page
    • year-at-glance 2015
    • year-at-glance 2016
    • *all new* 3 quotable insert pages
    • perpetual calendar July – December
    • perpetual calendar January – June
    • side-by-side, 2-page student roster
    • class roster transportation
    • student birthdays
    • student allergies
    • JUL 2015 – JUN 2016 monthly cover sheet (12 individual months)
    • JUL 2015 – JUN 2016 monthly calendar (12 individual months)
    • JUL 2015 – JUN 2016 weekly calendar (12 individual months)
    • weekly calendar with time slots
    • weekly lesson plan – style 1
    • weekly lesson plan – style 2
    • to-do list
    • lined notes
    • seating chart
    • student checklist – 20 students
    • student checklist – 12 students
    • parent contact log
    • password tracker
    • wish list
    • professional development log
    • meeting notes full page
    • meeting notes half page
    • substitute teacher information
    • take home student information sheet
    • 2” and 3” spines for binders – style 1
    • 2” and 3” spines for binders – style 2

Plan your next calendar year with the all new 2015/2016 Teacher Planner @mamamissblog

// price

A whopping $8!

Really! All that for $8 – she must be crazy – oh yeah I may just be a little crazy, but it’s okay, it benefits you ;)

// how to get it

Ready?!  Click “add to cart” – it’s only $8!!

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