Pinkalicious Activity Ideas

AWESOME! Here are a collection of Pinkalicious Activity Ideas for pre-writing, science, sensory, cooking, alphabet, colors, numbers, and shapes.

Pattern Play and Number Cards

Pattern Play & Number Cards, 2 math activities to reinforce counting skills & visual discrimination, plus a literary component with the book Ten Black Dots.

Invitation To Create

Pom-poms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, & foam sheets – here’s a simple way to build creativity and critical thinking skills with this Invitation To Create.

screen-free activities: Magic Expanding Paint

Magic Expanding Paint! It’s paint that expands MAGICALLY! Who doesn’t love that?! Come see what all the fun’s about & how you can make it too!

Science, Art, and Math – learning with candy

What to do with all that Halloween candy?! Science, Art, and Math, that’s what! Here are some quick & easy, science, art & math for learning with candy!

kiddo: Everyday Fine Motor – Buttons

Sharing some creative ways that will engage your child with open-ended play, with two activities using buttons, an Everyday Fine Motor Material.

backyard summer camp: Starry Night Sky Painting

Starry Night Sky Painting art activity – a kiddo masterpiece from the Backyard Summer Camp eBook.

kid activities: Pom Pom Grab

With this simple Pom Pom Grab activity you can keep them concentrating and their little hands busy while you can concentrate too – on not burning dinner!

sensory: Bug Hunt Sensory Bin

We’re going on a bug hunt!  Create your own Bug Hunt Sensory Bin with black beans utilizing the fun & free learning printables I’ve created.

kiddo fun: Strawberry No Cook Playdough

This simple to make (with only 3 ingredients!) Strawberry No Cook Playdough is a wonderfully scented new sensory material to add to your list of play.

kiddo: Non Scary Halloween Crafts And Activities – Creepy Crawlies

A fantastic-bombastic list of NINETY plus (that’s 9-0-plus!!) kiddo-centered non scary Halloween crafts and activities – all creepy crawlies!

kiddo: Non Scary Halloween Crafts And Activities – pumpkins

A fantastic-bombastic list of SIXTY non-scary kiddo Halloween crafts and activities – all with a pumpkin theme!

learning monkeys: Candy Chromatography

Try some super simple candy chromatography with some candy and a coffee filter – watch the cool effect as the colors from the candy dissolve into the paper.

learning monkeys: Jellybean Math

Loads of Halloween candy?  Try jellybean math – a super fun, engaging, AND YUMMY way to learn (without them even knowing they’re doing math!).

play and eat: Bread And Cutters

Sometimes it’s the simple things.  A piece of bread & some cookie cutters make for one happy little boy.

sensory: Carrot Garden Sensory Bin

A cute and simple-to-make sensory bin that will introduce your child to the exploration of gardening in a fun way.

holiday: Valentine Roundup Kids Crafts & Recipes

A last minute round-up of some kiddo crafts & recipes – it’s never to late (that’s my motto – but hey – I’m late to almost everything)!

sensory: Valentine Rice Bin

A simple & fun sensory bin made with Kool-Aid dyed rice and valentine trinkets.  It’s sure to be a hit with your little valentines.

holiday: Beaded Pipe Cleaner Mini Wreaths {The Studio}

And yet another fun new craft/ornament I made for Kiwi Crate’s “The Studio” this week. Head on over now to check out how to make & do this fun Christmas kid craft! Beaded Pipe Cleaner Mini Wreaths ♥ xx ♥ m

holiday: Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes {The Studio}

Here’s another fun new craft/ornament I just made for Kiwi Crate’s “The Studio”. Head on over now to check out how to make & do this fun Christmas kid craft! Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes ♥ xx ♥ m

book and craft: Little Pea Sensory Bin

As part of the Virtual Book Club this month, we read Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. This is our second month participating in the Virtual Book Club.  Each month we head to the library and check out every book from that author that we can get our hands on.  This month we read MANY […]

sensory: Winter Sensory Bin with Word Recognition {Kids Winter Holiday Hop}

I’m participating in the Winter Holiday Hop hosted by Projects for Preschoolers.  The Winter Holiday Hop is all about child focused holiday ideas, activities, handmade gifts, goodies & recipes. If you’ve been following along with me & my two little’s, we simply think that sensory bins are the best thing since sliced bread.  So it […]

sensory: Seek-n-Find Fall Sensory Bin

If you haven’t seen already, we are a sensory bin loving house! The last one I made for V was the Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin, & that was in July – OY! So, that means I am making a new one today – yippee! Here are a couple of other sensory bins we have done […]

learning monkeys: Experimentation

Yay, it’s Thursday – kiddo fun! I saw this cool post in parenting magazine about adding vinegar to baking soda & watching the reaction.  I thought this would be the perfect activity for little miss V, and when better than “experiment week” to try out? :)  Oh, & the article is misleading in the sense […]

sensory: Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin

My love for sensory bins is bringing you more ♥ today! What we have here is an archeological dig site for dinosaurs…or simply a dinosaur dig sensory bin ;) To make one for your little ones, be sure to include some of these tools. More specifically, here’s the lowdown on what I used to make […]

sensory: Sea Life Sensory Bin

I love sensory bins with all my heart – I mean ♥!  They are such cool cheap activities for the little ones, that usually for little miss V provide her at least an hour of entertainment.  Sensory bins, ever since I introduced V to them, are really the only regular thing besides her Little People […]

create kiddo: Kool-Aid Dyed Pasta

Like the rice, dyeing pasta with Kool-Aid is quite similar.  If I haven’t convinced you by now in using Kool-Aid as a dyeing technique, here’s another tutorial to sway you ;)  (you can also check out these tutorials on making Kool-Aid dyed rice & Kool-Aid dyed play-doh). As noted in the Kool-Aid dyed rice tutorial, […]

sensory: Spring Sensory Bin

This spring sensory bin has amazing colors. I added little flowers, a watering can, and some shovels.

create kiddo: Kool-Aid Dyed Rice

so here are the GENIUS reasons why I dye with kool-aid vs. food coloring kool-aid doesn’t dye your hands after it dries like the food coloring does it smells good, so it covers the rubbing alcohol smell, which even after the rice dries can still be overwhelming the colors are gorgeous, much brighter than food […]